Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How long should your first 10k take you?

Yesterday Rob did his first 10k run, well done Rob.

We had both got rather drunk on Saturday night at a lads reunion piss up and were two days later a little tender still. That's what happens as you get older you tend to take longer to recover from hangovers and tiring runs as well. So when our first couple of km were slow it came as no surprise.

The lads at the Junction pub in Marsh

This was our last Monday run and maybe our last run full stop before the run to Cannon hall farm on Sunday. So we had to do 10km at least Rob knew this going into it, he knew he was gonna have to run further than he had before. My stomach felt weak for the first 2km probably from all the shouting at the toilet bowl on Sunday morning. After those 2km it settled down and I didn't notice it at all, and the pace picked up too. We started to get in to a groove and the pace times got better, but on lap 2 as we reached the Farmers boy we both hit a mental wall and kept thinking we were about halfway. We were no were near halfway and it was until we started lap 3 that we realised we had only just reached the halfway point. We had done 5km in 30 mins and if we wanted to do 10km in under an hour we would have to pick up the pace again. This became even more important as we stopped at Shepley co-op to check out a poster for the annual firework show. This was also a bad idea as it was at the bottom of marsh lane and we had to start again and try to get up to pace uphill which is never easy. We carried on and as we reached the end of lap 3 we Rob said he felt good a felt like he could do this last lap where as at our mental wall we hit he didn't think he would get here. We hit 8km and I told Rob the from now on anything you do is a PB which seemed to give him a boost and just in time as we reach the bottom of marsh lane. There was a huge sigh from both of us when we reach the brow of the hill and we knew we were on our way back down and nearly finished. I had lost track of what time we were on just as my Endomondo app buzzed and said we had done 9km in 54.06 mins. I said to Rob I you want to complete 10k in under an hour we have to do this next km in under 6 mins. Before I could say are you ready Rob was off and at quite a pace I almost couldn't catch him. We were swapping the lead and pushing each other and crossed the finish line in 58.49 and did the last km in 4.43 mins. Rob was amazed he had done that last km in such a quick time, it was a good finish to a good run.

On our run we tried to figure out how long Rob had been running, we thought it was about 3 months. But checking back in my blogs I worked out that Rob has been running 2 months and a couple of days. So he has completed his first 10k after 2 months of running, which is brilliant and under an hour too. I checked to see when I did my first 10k and it too was at the 2 month mark and also under an hour. I know 2 people isn't a good sample size but your first 10k under an hour is a very good bench mark for a training regime.

This is also good news for our run on Sunday to Cannon Hall Farm. We now know Rob should have no trouble making the distance as he was still full of running at the end yesterday. The only question now is weather or not to have a run midweek and if we do what distance do we run? And how hard do we push? I'm up for a run whatever we decide and I'm also really excited about the run on Sunday.

It's now 4 months since I started running and I'm happy with my progress and the challenges I have lined up. I'm also happy with the friends I have running with me it helps me keep going and pushing on every run we do.

Keep running everyone

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