Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Yorkshire warrior and 10km training begins

After a weeks rest I found myself feeling a bit guilty that I hadn't been out on a run. So I was really excited that Rob and I were going on a run last night, Luke was gonna join us this time but has hurt his back.

We were running at 7.30 and because the nights are closing in on us it was very dark, so we decided to keep to the streets that were lit by streetlamps. we headed up through Shepley towards the Farmers Boy and back round in a circle back down towards my house. We both felt really sluggish and didn't know weather a weeks rest is a good or a bad thing, we had done a full circle and Rob was shocked that i suggested we did another. When i told him we had only done 2.5km he was more willing to carry on, but would see how he felt at the Black Bull. We arrived at the Black Bull at 3km and i pushed Rob into carrying on, we did another full circle and as we reached my house we were 200m short of 5km, so we carried on round the Knowle. We rounded the Knowle and came to the steep hill down to the train track and Bridge, but the lights ended. We slowed to almost a walk as we could see nothing, but i told Rob that this is training for the Tunnel on the @Yorkshirewarrio course.

When we reach the bottom we went our separate ways, Rob went downhill home and i went home uphill, we reach our homes in just under 6km in 36 mins. This wasn't a fast time but like  said we were feeling sluggish, and as the Yorkshire warrior training regime says build your distance first then pick up the pace, we were happy.
We only have 5 weeks to prepare for our first 10km run to @cannonhallfarm on November 4th so we will need to push the distances pretty quickly. Rob and i decided on the route too last night and we will be starting from The Soveriegn going up lane head rd onto Penistone Rd, we'll carry on from here till we reach the cross roads at High flats. We go down Denby lane from here and then onto Barnsley Rd and we stay on this road until we reach Bark House lane and the car park to Cawthorne park. The original idea was to finish here but we have now decided to finish up the hill at the entrance to Cannon hall farm and the Museum as we thought it would be a more picturesque finish line. 
Things are looking good with training Robs getting more and more into it the more we do and when Lukes back gets better we will have another member of our Running group. I seem to have drummed up some more interest in the Yorkshire Warrior run too as my brother in law might do it and his brother might do it as well. My little sisters Boyfriend Matty is well up for it within seconds of Jessie telling him about it he said yes. Rob is still a little unsure mainly as 1 of the obstacles mentions snakes in it name and he really doesn't like them, i'm sure there won't be real snakes involved but that doesn't ease his mind.  I've told Luke that if his bad kneee can hold out a few runs with us that he has to do it and in return ill go fishing with him, as i've never tried it before.
Its now tuesday so i better go and start tuesdays exercises that are in the Yorkshire warrior training regime, never good at these but here goes.


  1. Just realised, we didn't give you the sponsor money when we saw you at the weekend.... will phone and arrange to call in. The fitness motivation has clearly survived your first competitive run....keep enjoying it, and well done.