Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What challenges are next on my fitness regime

I have found myself pondering what to do next, how long to plan ahead and how long to train for.

I've already convinced Rob to join me on a 10km run to Cannon Hall Farm @cannonhallfarm on November 4th and we may be joined by my little sisters boyfriend Matty. This is a trial run I hope for another one in the spring, same distance and same run but I hope to get a few more involved. If I can I'd like to open the invitation to all mums and dads at Dexters school to join me and try and raise some money for the school. It would be nice to do something that my boys and their friends could benefit from, even if it is just inspiration.

I keep finding myself getting excited and worked up, even before anything has happend or even been organised.
Which is how I stumbled across the next event after the 2 10km runs. I was reading the Blog of a lady in America who has done similar stuff to me but is a few years ahead of me. She was invited to run in the Spartan Ultra beast run which is a marathon with obstacles along the way. I looked into it and watch a video of a similar race, and that was it I had to do 1 too, maybe not 26 miles but something shorter. So I looked for some here in the UK and found 1 that wasn't too far and wasn't run in the middle of winter. It's 10 miles and runs on April 20th 2013 in Harrogate, so sorry sis in gonna miss your birthday next year.

It's called the Yorkshire Warrior if you wanna check it out its website is

It's a new race and is being built as we speak, I saw that you could follow them on twitter @yorkshirewarrio so I did (the missing r isn't a typo). I was their second follower it's that new and I now feel like I have to promote it like its my own account, so it gets more followers. The website has some great info and maps of the course, but it also has a fitness regime to help get you fit enough for the race. It gives you a weekly schedule to keep and the best thing is its not too tough. I've taken some screen shots so you can see for yourself that it can be done by novices like myself and advanced runners.

When I decide that I wanted to do this I put the feelers out on Facebook to see who was gonna do it with me. I actually got a couple of maybes and a FFS from Rob which I assume means your gonna kill me but ok. If it didn't then tough you know the rules Rob if its in the Blog you have to do it, no backing out.

The thing with all this excitement I hope it doesn't come crashing down on me when I realise what I've got myself into, but until then the training begins Monday. Good luck to myself and anyone else that joins me.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Elland Round Table, Run for it 5km run

The 5km charity run for Kirkwood Hospice was brilliant, it was organised by Elland round table very well and the weather held off too.

As we arrived we could hear the music playing but could see it until we rounded the corner and saw the marquees and tents and the big Start/Finish line. We arrived a little late but in time for the warm up, the closer it got to the start the more the atmosphere grew. During the warm up u looked around and could even see the park officials joining in. My little boy Dexter even joined in the warm up even thou he wasn't running.

We lined up at the start and were given a 5 second countdown, off we went and I immediately realised I hadn't set my Endomondo app going so quick ly turned it on. But a couple of minutes later I realised that the GPS wasn't track me right as I did the first Km in 2.33, I thought that's Mo Farrah pace not fun run pace. It wasn't until the 4th km that the GPS started working properly, but I kept it going just for the time on it. As we reached halfway it was at that point I started to struggle as I think I went off to quick. At the start I had a bit of a lead on Rob but by halfway he was back up with me and even slowed to stay with me which was nice of him. We were still happy with our pace and the constant encouragement from the race marshals and the spectators was a boost too. At 3.5km we were passed by a 10/11 year old boy who seemed to have endless energy, but you do at that age (cut away to daydreaming about your youth). We kept going thou and were soon at the top of the last little climb. This seemed to inject a bit of pace and the sound of the announcer calling the times out as they crossed the line was encouraging. We knew there wasn't far to go, and at this point there was about 4 of us in a little group. This group was cut in half at the last corner as the other 2 sensed the finish and pushed hard. I could tell Rob wanted to go too but he stayed with me till we crossed the line together in a time of 26.04 minutes. We were greeted by our families at the finish line which was great but I was so tired I couldn't thank them. We received a bottle of ice valley water at the end which is funny cos its produced at the factory next door to us in Shepley. There was a medal and a certificate for each runner too and there was also an Olympic torch with its bearer at the finish to have photos with, which Dexter and I did. Unfortunately for Clark there was a mascot called Kirk Wood there too which Clark was terrified of poor boy.

We all had a fantastic morning and will definitely do it again next year, bigger and better as well. Hopefully I will be able to go quicker too as I've only been running 3 months so far. I hope a year of running will mean I get a better time for the next 1. Congrats to all who took part and a special congrats to my friend Joys dad aged 79 who completed it in 1hr20....

Next for me and Rob is a 10km Run from Shepley to Cannon hall farm and museum at Cawthorne park. I think this will be on November the 4th so we better get training soon, bit of rest after today then back on it.

I apologise for the mixed up photos the Blogger App doesn't cope well when you add photos.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Personal best with only 3 days till Charity 5k Run

Rob and I couldn't manage to do 1 last run together, we were planning on meeting up on Thursday evening. I was unable to do this now as Sarah had a parents evening at school and wouldn't be home till gone 8.30 and it would be too dark by then. So I ran yesterday which of course Rob couldn't, he was off to watch the mighty Huddersfield Town destroy Sheffield Wednesday by 3 goals to 1. Well done Town, local derby you did us proud keep it up now through out the season.

So I went up to stables with Sarah and the boys and we sorted Feebee out, then Dexter decided he was running with back with me. I told him he could run to the end of the access road again and meet mummy there. He always acts like I'm giving him a raw deal, but when we reach the end of the access road he's knackered and can't wait to get in the car. I almost joined him this time as my hip was a bit sore, but I knew this was my last chance of a run before Sunday. Plus I knew that as soon as I was up and running my hip would be alright and the adrenaline helps too.

I didn't start my App till I had dropped Dexter off as I wanted to do a fair assessment of how I was doing. As I reached 1km Endomondo told me I had done that in 4.55 and most of that was up hill. It was then that I decided that I was gonna try and keep all my km under 5min and as my hip pain had gone I was up for the challenge. At the next 2 km markers I was still within 5mins I had now come to the top of Marsh lane and was feeling ok. I knew that this was all done hill now so i changed the route to go along Jenkins lane the opposite way to Rob and I the other night because this was much more of a flat. As I turned onto Jenkins lane the 4km marker told me I was still under 5mins I was also on pace to beat my 5km PB but could for the life of me remember what that was, I just knew I was close. As I was running along Jos lane I could feel myself slowing it was hard work and I think I was still tired from the last run. I dropped down onto Jos way reached my 5km mark, I had done the last km in 4.54, yes I had done it. I was really pleased and punched the air again not caring if people see me and think I'm weird. I completed 5km in 24.05mins which I knew was a PB but had no idea by how much but I'd check that when I got home. I carried on home and reach it in 27.04mins completing 5.58km I was thrilled to bits. It had been a hard run and was quite happy to stand out side in the cold for a few minutes until I had cooled down and had a rest. I was looking through the history on my Endomondo app to figure out how much I had taken off my PB and was pleased to find out that I had shaved almost a full minute off it, 0.59mins better.

It's now the morning after and I am quite glad I have 3 days rest till the run as I'm very sore and stiff. My hip feels like its asleep constantly my back is a bit stiff and my shoulders are sore, not sure why could have been the air punching I did but I don't care cos I feel great overall. I just have to sit back and relax now till Sunday and the Run, knowing that can do 5km in under 25mins. I wouldn't have thought I would enjoy my running this much a few months back. I will post again after the Run so wish me well and thanks for reading and for sponsoring me if you have cheers.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

5 days until the Charity 5km run at Greenhead Park

One week to go so a big push was needed, or at least that was the plan.
After last week and the injuries it was more like just do enough so we don't get any more injuries but keep our fitness levels up.

Last night Rob and I meet up for a run but the only time we could manage it was at dusk. This was new and it didn't take us long to discuss the need for high viz and probably head torches. We were on our usual circuit but very quickly had to change it as the path that run parallel to Robs house was pretty much pitch black. We choose to cross a field which was lit by the moon and came out onto a road, so we could do a new route and so we had street lights to guide us. Well that was the idea as the road it lead onto wasn't lit as well as I had thought and we couldn't see our footings, we both nearly fell a couple of times. As we reached the street light lit part of the road there was a little sigh of relief from the pair of us. I led us up the road towards the Doctors and then onto Jenkins lane, which I had been meaning to run for a couple of weeks now but from the other end. It was at this point I check my Endomondo app to see how far we had been and the GPS had gone funny again. It said we had just done Km 2 in 14 mins but by our pace and time we new we were nearly at 3km. At the top of Jenkins lane we joined Marsh lane and headed back down towards home knowing that when we reach home we will have easily done 5km. We took the back route home that led us round the Knowle and down to the train track. At this point Rob went home down the road and I carried on to the station and back up the hill to home. My app said by the time I reached home that I had done 4.72km but my time was 35+ mins so I knew I had done at least 6.5km and Rob had done about 6km.

The good thing was I felt pretty good at the end and was looking forward to the Run on Sunday even more. If anyone wants to sponsor me then here is the link, then Click on my name Matthew Pattison and Donate to Kirkwood Hospice.

I must thank you all for reading my Blogs I enjoy counting the Page views I'm at 630+. This past weekend it was my sisters Wedding after 14 years she was marrying Kieron finally, they looked really happy and Jodie looked Beautiful. It was also nice to see all the family and some friends I haven't seen for a while. It was really interesting to find out how many people have been reading my blogs, and asked me how my running was coming along.
We all had a good time at what the family are calling the wedding of the year. Especially as Dexter (4 years old) was as he put it 'throwing some shapes out' on the dance floor and had about 8 grown ups copying him, funniest thing I've seen for ages.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hips and Knees With 12 days to go

I have been on a couple of runs since my last Blog, and they were quite different. This past Saturday my wife and I were getting ready to go out for a change, and whilst she was in the bath I went for a 5km run. I get ready quickly and set off round the Knowle and then down towards Robs house. It was just past Robs when my hip started to hurt, I knew it was sore from my previous run but didn't think it would hurt like it did. Then as I reach km 1 In 4.59 the pain is a bit less and I carry on with the lap but as I reach the Knowle again I realised that I should have done 2km by now but the app had not said anything. I checked it and I said I had only done 1.4km so I was a bit confused and annoyed as I like to know how far I've been and what pace I'm on. So when I reached home where I should have done 3 km it had only just gone 2km on my app, so I changed my route and completed what I think was about 4km and went home. When I got home I could see my GPS had gone wrong and wasn't tracking me properly, but I went get showered and change so Sarah and I could have a night out. It was a surprise fancy dress 30th birthday party for a friend of ours, I was Tiger Woods and Sarah was a Tiger. It was a good night but my feet were sore by the end.

It has been 3 days since my last run and I left it that long because I wanted to give my hip a good rest. Rob also joined me today for my run and he was also carrying and injury too, he had hurt his knee in what he called a 'Bedroom incident' nuf said. We decided to go steady on our run which was from Stables to home, Sarah the boys Rob and I all jumped in the car and went to stables. When we arrived Rob and I went off on our run whilst Sarah and the boys checked on Feebee, but not before Clark burst into tears cos I was leaving him. Rob and I set off round the Res and at the Corner of the Res I gave Rob a choice turn left and do 7km or turn right and do 6.5km. Rob decided and sensibly too to turn right, this lead us down the access track and then on to Broadstone road. We took this road all the way up Piper well Lane and as we approached it started to chuck it down. This was new to us both and we got really cold very quickly, but as quick as it started it stopped. It was actually quite refreshing and helped us keep the pace going. When we reached 5km we both were quite amazed that our injuries weren't causing us too much pain. We ran down through Shepley to the station and then on towards the main road where I left Rob to go down the road home and to do 6.5km. I carried on round the Knowle on my way home and completed just over 7km, I felt really good after the run and I just hope my hip doesn't hurt too much in the morning. With 12 days to go til the run at Greenhead Park we need to take care not to push ourselves too hard and get injured whilst still pushing enough so the run doesn't kill us. Next run is Friday so we'll have to see then how the injuries are, and see how far we can go.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Dexter & Daddy run

We were all on our way up to stables to check on FeeBee. I was all ready for my run with an added layer cos it was a but chilly the other day. As we arrived Dexter asked if he could run home with me, so we had to explain to him that he would manage that far. But if he wanted we could run to the end of the Res and then meet Mummy at the end of the water board access road. Then from there I could run home on my own, he thought that was a better idea. So after sorting Feebee out Dexter and I set off on our run down one end of the res, and it wasn't long before Dexter was already tired, or so he said. I kept him going and was pointing out to him where we would be going when all of a sudden he disappeared, I looked back and he had tripped over the long grass. He just laid there looking at me waiting for me to pick him up, I helped him up and sent him on a short cut down the banking of the res. I told him to wait at the entrance of the access road whilst I ran round the path to the same place. I joined up with Dexter and we ran down the access road to meet up with Mummy and Clark, and we managed not to fall over and only stopped a couple of times. Mummy was waiting at the end and I strapped Dexter in to his booster chair and said my goodbyes, checking my Endomondo app I say that Dexter had managed 0.77km which was good for him. I un paused it a set off running at my pace home with the intention of doing at least 6km. My first couple of full km after leaving Dexter were at a good pace in the low 5mins, I had decided as I didn't go round the res I was going to go over the hill at Deershaw just to add a little extra hill to the run. The only thing was the hill back down was very steep and narrow so had to be careful of cars coming up and down. I hit 4km at the bottom of Deershaw and the top of Marsh lane in 23.27, it was at this point I started thinking about discounting the first km that i did with Dexter and if I finished in good time I could get another PB. So instead of keeping my pace the same on the slight downhill of Marsh lane to get my breath back I picked up my pace to try and beat my PB. I did the next km in 4.26 and the last km in 4.34 which I was really pleased with even if I was on a downhill. I did my 6km in 32.27 so If I discount the first km with Dexter I did 5km in 25.04 which indeed was a new PB. I think when it comes to the run in a couple of weeks I should be doing it in under 25mins which a few months ago I would have thought impossible. There was just one thing that I had forgotten on my run and that was Vaseline we meant I came home and with 1 red nipple and 1 very pink nearly red nipple. Picture to follow this time.

So Rob if you wanna run together at the 5km run were gonna have to pick up your pace and get you some Vaseline too, speaking of Rob it was his birthday yesterday, so we all wish him a happy birthday and hope he enjoys being 33.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Scary noises on route to 5km PB

Yesterday was Dexters first day at school so I was up early and rushing around. It was also the first day of what will be my routine now for quite a few years. Because it was Dexters first day at school his aunty Jessie popped round to see him and to give him a present she had bought him for his first day at school. She bought him a plastic brontosaurus to play with, now he loves dinosaurs and was really pleased but it wasn't long before Clark had stolen it and was running around with it, roaring at the top of his voice.

Later that evening when Sarah was home from work we went up to stables and I was gonna run home. As we arrived and got out of the car I had regretted wearing my sleeveless top as there was quite a chilly wind blowing but I knew once I was up and running the wind would be nice.

I set off on my run home leaving Sarah and the boys to drive home calling it a race so the boys didn't get upset when I run off. To start with I run round browns edge reservoir and up a farm track until I join up with birdsnest lane and then onto windmill lane. By this point I had done 2km in 10.36 if I kept up this pace I was easily going to beat my 5km PB. As I ran up briadstone road I was feeling good and felt like I could do a good 5km time even if I don't manage a PB. I hit 3km in 15.44 and was really chuffed with the pace and times I was doing, I had done this run before and at this point last time was feeling pretty bad. So I took that as a real positive, and as I hit top of the hill down to the main Holmfirth road I felt really good. I was breathing slightly heavy but that's fine but as I hit the main road and headed towards row gate I hit 4km in 21.01 then also hit the wall. I got a massive stitch all across my back which was quite painful when I had to breath in, this made me make strange groans or roars like Clark had done with the Dinosaur earlier. I knew I had to just push through it but as I neared people I had to try not to roar as I went past them or they might think I was stranger than I actually was. So when passing other pedestrians or people on bikes I tried to keep my mouth shut until the stitch had passed. It must have been all in my head because as I hit my 5km mark it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Or it disappeared because I was filled with excitement instead as I had beaten my 5km PB with a time of 26.30 knocking at least a minute off my previous best. I now had a spring in my step and was heading down Marsh lane towards Shepley centre, I reached 6km and had my breath back so decided to pick up the pace for the next km. I was almost home and was at 6.5km so finished off by going round the Knowle until reached 7km. I did the final km in 4.59 which was cool and a very positive indication that I can still push it after a long run if needed. I reach home and was feeling good I had a new PB fir the 5km and was pleased at my pace overall.

With 2 and a half weeks till the 5km run things were looking good, I have also set myself a new challenge for after the 5km run. I haven't set a date for it yet but possibly in the school half term holiday at the end of October. The plan is too run from our house to Cannon Hall museum and Cannon hall farm which is just over 10km. I have set up a Just giving page for it with money raised going to Kirkwood hospice, I'll post a link when I have done my 5km run. I'm hopefully going to get Rob involved in it and Jessie's boyfriend Matty who runs 5km, 10km and has even done marathons. I hope he rubs off on Rob and I and we run a bit faster as a result. We'll have to see who else we can get involved but I'll keep you informed.

Endomondo Route

Endomondo Route: likes the route 'Shepley and the Knowle' on Endomondo. Check it out on:

Monday, 3 September 2012

Tough going

After a 4 day break from running I managed to get a 5km run last night, but I found it hard going.

I didn't have a lot of time before it was Our boys bed times, so I decided to try a new route to see what it was like for distance and terrain. I wanted to see what the bridle path at the end of field head was like, whether it was muddy or rocky and also what sort of descents and accents there was. There was no Rob for the run as he had his girls this weekend, so I thought depending on how long this new route is I'll try and get a 5km PB time. Setting off up the road I immediately realised that I hadn't stretched enough, as I'm an expert now lol, I could tell because my thighs and knees were tight.

I started by going down lydgate rd as field head was directly across from the end of the road, this was also my first hill and I felt it even thou I had only just set off. Reaching the end of field head I came to the bridle path which used to be a road called long lane, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fairly wide road as it was still used by farmers and seemed well kept for a gravel road, I could help wonder how bad it might get later on. The road narrowed after a couple of hundred metres but still passable by a tractor, just but it was really only a track now. This soon changed again and this is why it's not passable now there was 4 or 5 huge holly bushes and other plants either just left to grow or put there for boundary disputes years ago. You can still pass in a single file sort of way and just about get a horse through, the terrain was still flat and easy to run on but still my first Km was slow. This was due to tractors and not really knowing where I was going.

I entered Shepley mill wood and the path went down hill literally and condition wise too. It looked like it was an old roman road made of large cobbles and stone but it had been churned up by time and water and was very difficult to run on. I still managed to keep a steady pace but it was slow, the path ended by chucking me out onto the only bit of long lane still used. It has about 5/6 houses on it all with there own stables or other things you might expect from expensive and remote houses. I got a slight chuckle from 1 resident that was outside cleaning his expensive cars (not jealous I promise), he obviously knew where I had come from or I had a bemused face on. I was back on tarmac again and was enjoying the surroundings until I turn back towards home and was confronted by the hill I was gonna have to climb. I was halfway up it and couldn't help but actually stop and rest, I blamed it on the lovely views when i told Sarah later. I rested for about 10 seconds then made myself push on, and joined the main road at Shelley and near the rising sun. I passed 2km in nearly 13 mins and was gutted that I had been so slow but kept going if only to try and improve my time. I joined up with the circuit that Rob and I do and continued on that till I had reach the top of the Knowle. I hit 4km and was close to home so decided to go up Knowle park ave and round eastfield to increase my run to 5km just to compare times. I knew I was close to 30mins so when I hit the main road again I tried to pick up the pace so I could beat the 30 min barrier. I managed to judge it perfectly distance wise as I hit 5km right outside my house, but missed 30 mins by 3 seconds. I was gutted I missed the 30 min but was happy that I had pulled it back from such a poor start.

When I was home it hit me how tired I was and how drained it was especially as I did 10km only 4 days ago. So I was racking my brain for excuses, like I had only just had my tea and was heavier, I was a little ill with a cold, and things like that. I also thought I would have done better if I had stretched more too, whatever the excuse it just shows that this run I'm doing in a few weeks time isn't going to be easy unless I keep working hard.

I got my sponsor forms through and my race number the other day and since then I've been giddier than a 6 year old boy. If I see any of you soon please sponsor me for my run, it is to raise money for Kirkwood hospice so a very good cause. If I don't see you wish me luck anyway, thank you.

I've added a picture of Dexter and his trophy from the Emley show just because he was nearly as giddy as me when he brought it home to show me.