Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3 weeks till the 10k run to cannon hall

Another Monday another run and another 5 miles, or that's what Rob and Luke thought. I had to tell them that last week they hadn't done 5 miles because the GPS on the Nike app didn't work properly. On the first mile it had missed off about 0.4 of a mile so we had to change our route slightly this time. Luke was gutted because he'd been bragging all week that he had done 5 miles but he hadn't really.

So with the adjusted route planned we set off and at the first mile marker I was a bit unhappy about our pace. It was a bit slow but kept going at the same pace as it was uphill and only the first mile. But when the second wasn't much better I was still a little shocked but as I keep having to remind myself, it's distance first then pace. We have plenty of time to build up our pace, although I did try to be a bit faster each mile and not slow down. On the third lap Luke was starting to feel it and as we were reaching the top of our lap by the farmers boy I noticed that both Rob and Luke were very quiet. It wasn't until we were on our way back down that they started talking again. Luke said if we could've seen his face on that climb we probably would have laughed, as he was struggling and pulling some faces because he was pushing hard to keep up with us. As we reached my house we were 0.35 of a mile short of 5 miles. Which we knew we would be so we carried on as usual round the Knowle to finish. I was feeling ok at this point Luke was feeling heavy as he described it and Rob seemed ok. As we reached the factory I could feel myself picking up pace and I looked at my phone and said we had 0.25 mile to go. So I said to the lads I'm going for it and ill wait for you at 5 miles. I started to sprint and felt really good and fast too, I kept an eye on the distance and as I rounded the corner I was still 0.1 of a mile off. This was a bad idea because I slowed to a jog again instead of just pushing on til it told me I had done 5 miles. I didn't know at the time but Rob had tried to keep up with me but slowed down before I did. Luke on the other hand didn't start running until I had slowed so he caught up with us and we crossed the 5 mile mark all together.

We completed 5 miles for real this time in 48 minutes a couple of minutes slower than last Monday but we did 5 properly so it was probably about the same pace. We all agreed that it was a good run and the sprint at the end was an excellent addition too, even if we didn't manage to sprint to the end of the run.

 During the run we were discussing the 10k run to Cannon Hall Farm and Luke dropped a bombshell on us, he won't be able to run with us as he is going on a stag do which he can't miss as he's the best man. Not really a bombshell but you got to make him feel a little guilty and wind him up. I also told them that my mum was talking about coming down with the rest of the family to cheer us across the finish line, not that there will be an actual finish line, but we know what she meant. I also told the Lads that my step mother in law(she'll hate being called that) Jean works for The Harrogate Advertiser and she said she may send a photographer down to the Yorkshire warrior run to take our photos. This was closely followed by "i hope its at the start where i won't look like I'm dying".
Things are shaping up nicely and the more running I'm doing the more excited i get about the races and runs that I'm going to do. Keep reading my blogs and sharing your wisdom with me, it very helpful. Don't forget that if you want to follow me on twitter to keep up to date on my progress and my blogs you can, click the link and click follow.
Keep running everyone

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