Friday, 2 November 2012

Preparations done now just the 10k Run to Cannon Hall Farm

After the 10k Rob and I did on Monday we didn't want to do too much the rest of the week so we didn't jinx ourselves and get injured. But the runner in me and the one in Rob I seemed to have grown knew we should do 1 more before Sunday.

As ever with runs midweek it is not easy to sync our spare time, Rob had his girls round from Thursday so the only time he had was Wednesday. I couldn't do Wednesday as I went to watch Skyfall at the cinema with Luke, so Rob said he would try and do a cardio workout on his rowing machine. I asked Luke if he wanted to run on Thurs but he was working away in York. So yesterday I did a run on my own, but as I didn't manage to get out til late I decide to try and do a quick 5km. Plus as it was dark I wouldn't be able to run round the Knowle, which is my usual 5k route. So I chose to do the normal Monday route and do 2 laps which is almost a perfect 5km. My aim was to do a 25 min 5k or under, so I set up my Endomondo App (which has just had an update with improved GPS) and set off. I always set off too quick and this was no different and as the first km is up hill I was pretty tired by the time I was halfway round lap 1. That tiredness soon turned into a warmed up steady pace and was doing a low 5 min pace. At the end of lap 1 I was feeling ok again just in time for the uphill to the farmers boy again, I hit 3km and was just about on target for 25 mins. At the bottom of marsh lane all the street lights were out as they were on lap 1 but all the traffic seemed to have disappeared too. So where as on lap 1 i had car headlights to show me the footpath and all its divets and level changes this lap I had nothing. I was running by memory but the worst thing was it was so dark for such a long stretch that I had no idea of my pace. I couldn't tell how fast I was going as i couldn't tell how fast things were going past me or me past them It was so strange. The footpath felt wider thou which help keep me confident enough to keep running. The lights were on at the farmers boy which I could see in the distance like at the end of a tunnel. I suppose it was practise for the 1km tunnel we will have to run twice on the Yorkshire warrior course in April (see photo). I finally reached the lights and was on my way to 4km, as I came to the end of Jenkins lane my App buzzed and told me I had done 4km in 20.50. So I knew if I wanted to do 5km in 25mins or less I was gonna have to push it on this last km and I did I was aiming for 4.10. I really tried to control my breathing so I could push harder but the cold air made that hard to do but I dug deep and kept going I was within sight of home when my App buzzed again and I had completed my 5km in...... 25.15min so close but I was still happy with the last km.

That was it all the prep was done and now it was just rest until 10am on Sunday Cannon hall farm here we come. I'm happy with the training that the lads and I have done so far and I know that the run will go smoothly. I'm also happy that so many of my family are driving over to meet us at the end of the run, should be a very welcoming sight coming down the finish straight.

My blog on Monday will surely be overloaded with photos from other peoples perspective and not just the boring stats from my apps.

Good luck to us all and keep running everyone.

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