Saturday, 13 October 2012

5 mile run but the fitness regime suffers

After the 5 mile on Monday with the boys things were looking good. I felt like I was getting this warrior fitness regime sorted, I was organised, I had arranged a run on Thursday with Rob and I had my workout ready for Tuesday. Well it's now Saturday and that's not how it worked out, I should be doing a run today but because of weather and my forgetfulness and little boys named Clark I did a run yesterday. The Tuesday workout was brief as Clark was being very demanding so I only managed to get 1 cycle/rep of the exercises in rather than the 3 I intended to do. Wednesday was rest which is ok but Thursday arrived with the treat of heavy rain from about 4 which is when I get home from picking Dexter up. So I text Rob to see if he fancied moving the run til Friday but couldn't as on Saturday he is in a semi competitive bike race and was resting up for that. So I Decided I would run Friday and miss Saturdays run but combine the Thursday and Saturday runs into 1. I went up to stables with the wife and Boys to give her a hand and then run home. I was helping Sarah-Jane because she has a dressage competition this morning and it would be like a warm up for the run. It was a little chilly and windy at stables so I actually put a jumper on for my run which isn't like me.

After we had finished at stables I set off on my run, my plan was to try do 5 miles and along the way add in some sprints to try and combine the Thursday and Saturday runs. I ran round the Res to the other side to join up with Windmill lane as this would add the right distance to my run. As I I reached the top of the hill I had to stop for a wee and you can see it on my map its a very dark red colour as it was my slowest point. As I reached windmill lane I started to sprint and did a quick last 100m or so to the mile as I slowed to a run again I hit 1 mile accidentally done. But it gave me an idea I would try and do a sprint to finish off each mile, this however didn't happen. Like I said, the first time was accidentally done so none off my sprints were that well timed and I added others in. Like when I had to wait to cross roads I would make up the lost time by sprinting for a while. As I reach Marsh lane and the farmers boy I turned onto Jenkins lane to add some more distance to the run and make sure I hit 5 miles. As I reached home I was 0.5 of a mile short so as always to make up the distance I went round the Knowle tear drop as I call it. On my way back past Shepley spring I reached 5 miles, I immediately dropped to a walk and stopped the Nike app. I was really happy with the run and time, i did my 5 miles in 40.54 which was nearly 6 mins faster than Monday. I was happy that I had kept my jumper on too as I hadn't got too cold and i had sweated more too. This meant that when I jumped on the scales before my shower as I do after all my runs I was down to 13st 8lb (190lb for the Americans reading this). I don't really mention my weight because I didn't start running to lose weight I did it to get fit. I had been stuck at 13st 9lb (191lb) for a few weeks now so when i saw the scales I was chuffed. As I've mentioned it you may want to know what my weight was when I started. At my heaviest I was 14st 6lb (202lb) and within a week of running there was a quick drop in weight. I dropped 6lb within a week and then from there it was a more slow and steady drop until about 3 weeks ago when I got stuck at 13st 9lb. I still have another 9lb to go to my target weight although I not that fussed if I don't get there just long as I don't go back up past my current weight.

We now have 3 weeks till the 10km run to Cannon hall and having done a couple of 5 mile runs now I'm happy that I will not keel over after 10km. I hope the 10km goes well and that I can organise the next 1 with Dexters school without too many problems. With 4 of us running the first one I hope to have at least that again for the next one.

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Anyway keep running

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