Friday, 5 October 2012

Running intervals OMG that was different!

Since my last blog I've done Tuesdays resistance training and last night I did the Running intervals training sessions. Both of which I either haven't done in a very long time or not at all, so this came at quite a shock.

Lets start with Tuesday, I was all pumped up and ready for this and had done my stretches. So when I put Clark down for his nap I was ready. I took a look at the training list and I had immediately had questions, as I haven't done anything like this for a long time. Like who's been making names up and putting them on this list and what the hell is burpees do I have to burp or something. What on earth is a plometric lunge? I spent the first 10 mins looking at YouTube finding out what I was about to put my unsuspecting body through. By the time I was ready again Clark was up from his nap and trying to help me. This involved climbing on my back as I'm trying to do some press ups and some being the appropriate word, I've never been good at them. As I didn't have the right equipment at home for tricep dips I added sit ups instead. Which involved Clark pushing me down and trying to sit on my Chest. I didn't manage to do the workout that I intended but the next morning I knew it had done some good as my muscles were aching. I was glad that Wednesday was rest day although a 20 month year old doesn't let you rest at all.

So yesterday I did the interval running, I went up to stables with Sarah-Jane and the Boys then did the run on the way home. I had set up my own program on Endomondo to tell me when too run and when to walk. I started with a walk to warm me up but that minute didn't last at all and I had to run as fast as I could for 2 minutes. I was barely into it and I was already wishing it would stop, I'm use to a steady medium pace not this high intensive running. I carried on and finally my app told me the 2 minutes was up and to walk for a minute. That minute felt like 15 seconds and I was running fast again but I could tell already that my speed was down, but it says run as fast as you can and that's what I was doing. By the time I had completed the program I was almost ready to stop but I was still 3km from home, if Sarah-Jane had driven past at that point I would have jumped in as I was knackered. She didn't do I set my app to basic run and jogged home as it was down hill from there. I was feeling it all the way home and was surprised that I managed a constant pace of 5.14 per km. when I got home I was completely knackered and even felt a bit sick because of the lactic acid that I had built up on the interval run. I'm hoping that these Thursday runs get a bit easier although I could say that about Tuesdays too they were both hard but always enjoyable.


This morning i set the route for the 10km run to cannon hall on the Endomondo website it came out at 10.85km but what's .85km between friends. I will try to put a link up or a photo at least if you want to look at it.

Just as i finished this, the new bike trailer arrived so i could find myself going for a bike ride with the boys instead of the weight session im suppose to do on a friday.


Keep running everyone.


  1. Well, once you're talking lactic acid build up, I know you're completly'll be a marathon within the year. J.

    1. I've already said that I might do the great north run next year so in 2014 its London or New York marathon


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