Friday, 19 October 2012

Just short of 5 miles but it felt like 8 miles

Thursday run and surprisingly Rob and I were up for it more than usual. It probably was down to the fact we both had bought new outfits to run in, without knowing that each other had. Rob had bought new shorts to stop an annoying problem of chaffing but had also bought a new top to keep him warm in the colder months. These were both dark in colour and if it wasn't for me in my new white top we wouldn't be visible to passing cars. It also helped that I had also purchased a flashing armband. I too had bought a top for the winter, I bought a Nike dri-fit combat top but had to stop myself buying the entire running section,but I did give in to some shorts as well, in blue to match my shoes of course. Rob still needs some socks to try and solve a Blister problem he keeps having and I almost picked him some up whilst I was in the shop but thought if I buy them he will have bought some himself and I would got them for nothing. Well Rob forgot to get some and I didn't so he'll probably have a blister this morning.

Anyway this time I ran down to Robs house to meet him and go for a different run. We settled on a run up through Shelley Park and then down Far Bank and see how far that was and then decide from there where we go next. So I started the Nike App and set of down the road from Robs house and then round the corner. From then on for the next 1.75 miles it was just pure uphill running some sections weren't so steep but most of it was quite steep. I wasn't long before we were both breathing heavy and we managed to scare a lady walking her dog on the way up through Shelley park. She obviously didn't hear our footsteps but she heard our breathing and jump a foot or so as we passed her. We passed through Shelley Park finally and we ran on to the top of Far Bank and ran down it to complete a circuit. At the bottom of Far Bank we decide that as we had only done 2 miles and we didn't fancy running back up through Shelley Park we would try somewhere else. We ended up deciding to run up to my house the do a lap of our Monday route. This sounded like a good plan, we where mistaken and after another 1.5 mile climb to the farmers boy we were basically done. We carried on thou and pushed through the stitches and completed the lap and reached my house again having done 4.75 miles. We were surprisingly tired but were happy at the distance we had done, we weren't bothered about rounding it up to 5 miles. This was because we felt like we had run about 8 miles because of the constant uphills we did. We definitely felt like we had done a good workout anyway and the distance between our houses would have meant the we would have done 5 miles. The little run down to Robs before the run for me and the run down home for Rob after the run makes the difference, or at least that's what we're going with.

We both know that we're gonna have to push the distances over the next 2 weeks, as we don't want to die on our feet with a mile to go on the run to Cannon Hall Farm. We want to finish well especially as quite a lot of our families will be there to meet us, we don't want to look like death crossing the finish line. We also seemed to have overlooked the fact that there will also be other people there too on days out to the Farm and the Museum. We were joking whilst running last night that we hope there will be some water at the end of the run and maybe even a cup of tea and a scone from the cafe. I think we're building this finishing line up in our heads too much like there gonna be hoards of people cheering us across the line or something. What ever happens we're gonna be happy just finishing and making it through the 10km barrier, it one of those bench marks you feel you must do. You start with 5k then 5 miles, 10k then 10 miles, and then half marathon, and of course the full marathon. Hopefully by this time next year I will only have the 1 left to do, I can't wait and I can't believe how much I've done already and how much I've enjoyed doing it. Don't forget if you want to follow me on twitter just click here and click follow.

Keep running everyone

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