Sunday, 7 October 2012

A run and a bike ride with the Boys in the new bike trailer

It's only the first week following the Yorkshire warrior training regime so I don't feel too bad for missing a day. I say miss a day but what actually happened was I went for a little bike ride with Dexter and Clark. The new bike trailer came and the boys were too excited for me not to take them on a ride. It wasn't much of a ride but it was a different kind of exercise so I was using different muscles at least. So Friday was suppose to be weights and wasn't but I'm building myself up slowly.

Saturdays are a 5km run at pace and your suppose to keep to the same run each time. This is so you can time yourself each Saturday and track your progress. As I was on my own AGAIN I set the Saturday route round the knowle and Shepley station. I did my run about 3 o'clock, not sure why that matters just though you might want to know. I completed 5km in about 23.30 but again the GPS wasn't the best and I think it misjudged my run by a couple of hundred metres so I'm gonna add a minute to that. I don't know why the GPS round the Knowle and station is a bit dodgy at the moment. Maybe it's the trees or the time of year/day, it could be the satellite positioning or the Endomondo app is at fault. Maybe it's iOS6 or the maps, anyway it annoying and I hope it's fixed soon as my runs are effected. To try and fix the problem if I'm gonna run the same run every Saturday, I've been on the Endomondo website and created it as a route. Which means I should just have to follow it rather than it trying to follow me. It's quite a good feature of the app it allows you to search for created routes or runs near you for you to run. They could be other people's runs which you can post a time on, or they could be yours so you can try beat you personal best. What other apps do people use and what are they like?

I didn't finish Saturday there either, I got home after my run and then within 20 mins was on my bike with the boys in the trailer. We went for a ride round the block and then up to the playground at Dexters school, Sarah-Jane brought Jasper along for a walk too. Then we went again this morning and Sunday is meant to be my other rest day, but how do you say no to these cute boys, Especially as they love it so much.


Here is a link to the video Sarah-Jane made of the first bike ride

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