Friday, 26 October 2012

Final preparations for the 10k, 10 days and counting

With time running short and the number of training runs dropping Rob and I agreed that we would have to push hard over the next week. We met up yesterday at 5.30pm and for a change we could run in daylight or at least for a bit, so we decide to run round the station where we normally can't see as there are no street lights. From there we planned to run our Monday route backwards and then when we reached the farmers boy we would run up Marsh lane instead and turn onto Row Gate and then onto Holmfirth Rd. As we reach the top neither of us could talk for about 20 seconds as we were trying to get our breath back, it's a very deceptively steep climb Row Gate and as I've only run down it I/we weren't ready for it. We carried on towards The Sovereign and when I got my breath back I started to tell Rob about a 10k obstacle run I found. It was in Manchester around the Etihad stadium and 1 of the obstacles was running up the Spiral walkways at the Etihad. The only shame was, it was only a couple of weeks off an that meant no time to prepare or sign up etc. these types of runs seem to be springing up out of nowhere or is it just we didn't look for them before. It like when you get a car that you think isn't common but you end up seeing 5 on your way home from the dealers after buying it.
Anyway I was discussing this with Rob as we were on our decent back into Shepley which was a nice rest for the lungs but our knees were getting a pounding from the downhill. We turn left past Cliffe House and at the end of the road came out not far from the Farmers Boy. As we were there we went back down our Monday route heading back home as we had already done 5km and felt that by the time we were home we would've done a significant distance. As we ran down station road we still had quite a lot of daylight so we carried on running past the station and down towards Shelley. At the bottom we rounded the bend and headed back up to Robs house knowing that by the time we got there we would've run 8km or 5 miles which ever sounds best. I left Rob at his house having done 8km in 44.40mins which isn't a bad pace at all. I carried on running and at the railway bridge decided that I was gonna carry on and do 10km, so I turned onto the Knowle and ran round until Knowle park ave, I ran up and round the back streets and then up to Dexters School hitting 9km on the way. As I reached Dexters school I turned right and headed back to the main road, and then onto Lea drive. I was almost back to Knowle park ave and was still 400 metres short so went round the block again this time as I reached the Knowle again I completed the 10km in 56.38mins. I was happy with that and not too tired, I seem to be able to go from 5 miles to 10km without too much trouble which is very positive. With 10 days to go this is about right too, another big run on Monday and we'll be ready. Rob knows that we're gonna have to do at least 10km on Monday and he only stopped at 8km yesterday as we were by his house and he hadn't run for over a week. Plus he had been pigging out all weekend too, over indulged in take aways he said.

We have a big friends reunion on Saturday all the boys we grew up with are getting together as over the past 10 or more years we fragmented a bit and don't see each other as much. Not gonna binge too much but should be a good night anyway.

Back running Monday for a big last push before the run to Cannon Hall Farm. The weather looks a bit hit or miss for it but let's hope for the family that's meeting us there it will be dry at least. I hope it all goes well as I want to do it again in the Spring and raise some money for Dexters school. I'm hoping that we can get a few more people running with us and because the distance isn't the easiest for everyone that we could have others on bikes, that way we might get more support and raise a bit more money too.

Thanks for reading my Blog and keep running everyone.