Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How long should your first 10k take you?

Yesterday Rob did his first 10k run, well done Rob.

We had both got rather drunk on Saturday night at a lads reunion piss up and were two days later a little tender still. That's what happens as you get older you tend to take longer to recover from hangovers and tiring runs as well. So when our first couple of km were slow it came as no surprise.

The lads at the Junction pub in Marsh

This was our last Monday run and maybe our last run full stop before the run to Cannon hall farm on Sunday. So we had to do 10km at least Rob knew this going into it, he knew he was gonna have to run further than he had before. My stomach felt weak for the first 2km probably from all the shouting at the toilet bowl on Sunday morning. After those 2km it settled down and I didn't notice it at all, and the pace picked up too. We started to get in to a groove and the pace times got better, but on lap 2 as we reached the Farmers boy we both hit a mental wall and kept thinking we were about halfway. We were no were near halfway and it was until we started lap 3 that we realised we had only just reached the halfway point. We had done 5km in 30 mins and if we wanted to do 10km in under an hour we would have to pick up the pace again. This became even more important as we stopped at Shepley co-op to check out a poster for the annual firework show. This was also a bad idea as it was at the bottom of marsh lane and we had to start again and try to get up to pace uphill which is never easy. We carried on and as we reached the end of lap 3 we Rob said he felt good a felt like he could do this last lap where as at our mental wall we hit he didn't think he would get here. We hit 8km and I told Rob the from now on anything you do is a PB which seemed to give him a boost and just in time as we reach the bottom of marsh lane. There was a huge sigh from both of us when we reach the brow of the hill and we knew we were on our way back down and nearly finished. I had lost track of what time we were on just as my Endomondo app buzzed and said we had done 9km in 54.06 mins. I said to Rob I you want to complete 10k in under an hour we have to do this next km in under 6 mins. Before I could say are you ready Rob was off and at quite a pace I almost couldn't catch him. We were swapping the lead and pushing each other and crossed the finish line in 58.49 and did the last km in 4.43 mins. Rob was amazed he had done that last km in such a quick time, it was a good finish to a good run.

On our run we tried to figure out how long Rob had been running, we thought it was about 3 months. But checking back in my blogs I worked out that Rob has been running 2 months and a couple of days. So he has completed his first 10k after 2 months of running, which is brilliant and under an hour too. I checked to see when I did my first 10k and it too was at the 2 month mark and also under an hour. I know 2 people isn't a good sample size but your first 10k under an hour is a very good bench mark for a training regime.

This is also good news for our run on Sunday to Cannon Hall Farm. We now know Rob should have no trouble making the distance as he was still full of running at the end yesterday. The only question now is weather or not to have a run midweek and if we do what distance do we run? And how hard do we push? I'm up for a run whatever we decide and I'm also really excited about the run on Sunday.

It's now 4 months since I started running and I'm happy with my progress and the challenges I have lined up. I'm also happy with the friends I have running with me it helps me keep going and pushing on every run we do.

Keep running everyone

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Final preparations for the 10k, 10 days and counting

With time running short and the number of training runs dropping Rob and I agreed that we would have to push hard over the next week. We met up yesterday at 5.30pm and for a change we could run in daylight or at least for a bit, so we decide to run round the station where we normally can't see as there are no street lights. From there we planned to run our Monday route backwards and then when we reached the farmers boy we would run up Marsh lane instead and turn onto Row Gate and then onto Holmfirth Rd. As we reach the top neither of us could talk for about 20 seconds as we were trying to get our breath back, it's a very deceptively steep climb Row Gate and as I've only run down it I/we weren't ready for it. We carried on towards The Sovereign and when I got my breath back I started to tell Rob about a 10k obstacle run I found. It was in Manchester around the Etihad stadium and 1 of the obstacles was running up the Spiral walkways at the Etihad. The only shame was, it was only a couple of weeks off an that meant no time to prepare or sign up etc. these types of runs seem to be springing up out of nowhere or is it just we didn't look for them before. It like when you get a car that you think isn't common but you end up seeing 5 on your way home from the dealers after buying it.
Anyway I was discussing this with Rob as we were on our decent back into Shepley which was a nice rest for the lungs but our knees were getting a pounding from the downhill. We turn left past Cliffe House and at the end of the road came out not far from the Farmers Boy. As we were there we went back down our Monday route heading back home as we had already done 5km and felt that by the time we were home we would've done a significant distance. As we ran down station road we still had quite a lot of daylight so we carried on running past the station and down towards Shelley. At the bottom we rounded the bend and headed back up to Robs house knowing that by the time we got there we would've run 8km or 5 miles which ever sounds best. I left Rob at his house having done 8km in 44.40mins which isn't a bad pace at all. I carried on running and at the railway bridge decided that I was gonna carry on and do 10km, so I turned onto the Knowle and ran round until Knowle park ave, I ran up and round the back streets and then up to Dexters School hitting 9km on the way. As I reached Dexters school I turned right and headed back to the main road, and then onto Lea drive. I was almost back to Knowle park ave and was still 400 metres short so went round the block again this time as I reached the Knowle again I completed the 10km in 56.38mins. I was happy with that and not too tired, I seem to be able to go from 5 miles to 10km without too much trouble which is very positive. With 10 days to go this is about right too, another big run on Monday and we'll be ready. Rob knows that we're gonna have to do at least 10km on Monday and he only stopped at 8km yesterday as we were by his house and he hadn't run for over a week. Plus he had been pigging out all weekend too, over indulged in take aways he said.

We have a big friends reunion on Saturday all the boys we grew up with are getting together as over the past 10 or more years we fragmented a bit and don't see each other as much. Not gonna binge too much but should be a good night anyway.

Back running Monday for a big last push before the run to Cannon Hall Farm. The weather looks a bit hit or miss for it but let's hope for the family that's meeting us there it will be dry at least. I hope it all goes well as I want to do it again in the Spring and raise some money for Dexters school. I'm hoping that we can get a few more people running with us and because the distance isn't the easiest for everyone that we could have others on bikes, that way we might get more support and raise a bit more money too.

Thanks for reading my Blog and keep running everyone.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Push yourself on your runs it will make all the difference in the longterm

I have done 2 runs since my last blog the first was on Saturday. I went on a 5k run round the Knowle and train station, I tried to push it to test myself but as usual I went off to fast. I also didn't wait long enough after my lunch so I felt 2st heavier. I did the first km in just over 4 mins and then they get slower and slower, I manage to do the 5km in just over 25.30 mins which wasn't too bad. The last km was a killer thou and I really had to push myself but once I had got home I felt better for it. On this run I used my Endomondo App as I had set up a route on there website previously for this run, so all I had to do was follow it. I had done this to try and stop the GPS problems I get when running through trees. It did seem to help and when looking at the map afterwards there wasn't that many discrepancies. I have a route planned out on the website for the 10km run to cannon hall, and after the 5km run I'm happy that it will work well for the 10km run to Cannon hall.

My second run was last night which I normally do with Rob and newbie Luke but had to do it on my own this week. Luke was on a business trip down London Town and Rob was running late and wouldn't be home till 7pm. This would usually be a problem but the missus was going out at 7 to the Black Bull pub to hangout with the national pub quiz champions. Sound cool yeah, well they were taking on a celebrity master team of a couple of Eggheads and the scary lady from ITVs The Chase.
So with all that going on I managed to get out on a run at 6pm with a hour to run. I decided to use my Endomondo App again and see if I could do 10km and push myself. The last time I did 10km I did it in just under 1 hour, which would be perfect for getting back home so Sarah-Jane can go out. Off I went on our usual Monday route, and I was just past the Black bull when my App told me I had done 1km. Now I knew I hadn't done 1km yet and especially as it said I had done it in 2.30mins. So in a bit of a strop I turned it off and turned on the Nike App instead whilst still running. This meant that I was running in miles not Km so I had to workout how far to run to complete 10km, I knew that 10km was 6.22 miles. But I had to work out how far I had run up until I turned on the Nike App, so when I completed my first lap I would look at the distance. So when I reach the same point that I started the App I can look again and work out distance. I turned out to be easier than that, as I reached the end of lap 1 the App told me I had done 1 mile, and then when I reached the point where I turned the app on it buzzed again saying I had done 1.5 miles. So I knew I had to add an extra half mile to my run or minus it, having to run and do maths in my head was a little strange. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I had to run till my Nike App was showing 5.72 miles then just add the 2 times together to get my 10km time. By this time I was on lap 3 and my pace was good I was doing an average of 8.20 per mile which would easily see me home in time. I was now on lap 4 and was still on a good pace and had worked out in my head that I would reach the end of the lap around my target distance. As I got the end of the lap I was on 5.60 miles so I carried on round the Knowle till I reached 5.72 but as I was under an hour I carried on round the Knowle until I had done 6.22 on my Nike app. I did this so I had a complete 10km run time on the App so I didn't have add runs together.

I arrived home at 6.58 which didn't give Sarah-Jane long to get to the Pub but she managed it and had a great time there too. Whilst she was at the pub I worked out how far and how long I had been, and It turns out that I had done 10.8km which is the same distance that were doing on the run to Cannon Hall. I also did it in just over 56 mins which I think is brilliant, I did 10km in just over 53 mins which is nearly 7 mins faster than the first 10km I did. I really pushed myself on the run and this morning I do ache quite a bit more than usual but it will be worth it in the Long term, and mentally I know what I can do for next time.

With less than 2 weeks to the Cannon Hall farm run the number of practise runs are dropping. So every run we get now has to matter so the Thursday run is gonna be important and so is next Mondays run. If I manage to get out and run when I usually do then there is only 4 more runs to build up the 10km tolerance.

Early weather forecasts look ok for the run too which would be good, not for us but for the family that are coming to cheers us across the "Finish Line". I'm keeping an eye on this and will keep you updated in case you want to come and watch too.

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Thanks and Keep running.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Just short of 5 miles but it felt like 8 miles

Thursday run and surprisingly Rob and I were up for it more than usual. It probably was down to the fact we both had bought new outfits to run in, without knowing that each other had. Rob had bought new shorts to stop an annoying problem of chaffing but had also bought a new top to keep him warm in the colder months. These were both dark in colour and if it wasn't for me in my new white top we wouldn't be visible to passing cars. It also helped that I had also purchased a flashing armband. I too had bought a top for the winter, I bought a Nike dri-fit combat top but had to stop myself buying the entire running section,but I did give in to some shorts as well, in blue to match my shoes of course. Rob still needs some socks to try and solve a Blister problem he keeps having and I almost picked him some up whilst I was in the shop but thought if I buy them he will have bought some himself and I would got them for nothing. Well Rob forgot to get some and I didn't so he'll probably have a blister this morning.

Anyway this time I ran down to Robs house to meet him and go for a different run. We settled on a run up through Shelley Park and then down Far Bank and see how far that was and then decide from there where we go next. So I started the Nike App and set of down the road from Robs house and then round the corner. From then on for the next 1.75 miles it was just pure uphill running some sections weren't so steep but most of it was quite steep. I wasn't long before we were both breathing heavy and we managed to scare a lady walking her dog on the way up through Shelley park. She obviously didn't hear our footsteps but she heard our breathing and jump a foot or so as we passed her. We passed through Shelley Park finally and we ran on to the top of Far Bank and ran down it to complete a circuit. At the bottom of Far Bank we decide that as we had only done 2 miles and we didn't fancy running back up through Shelley Park we would try somewhere else. We ended up deciding to run up to my house the do a lap of our Monday route. This sounded like a good plan, we where mistaken and after another 1.5 mile climb to the farmers boy we were basically done. We carried on thou and pushed through the stitches and completed the lap and reached my house again having done 4.75 miles. We were surprisingly tired but were happy at the distance we had done, we weren't bothered about rounding it up to 5 miles. This was because we felt like we had run about 8 miles because of the constant uphills we did. We definitely felt like we had done a good workout anyway and the distance between our houses would have meant the we would have done 5 miles. The little run down to Robs before the run for me and the run down home for Rob after the run makes the difference, or at least that's what we're going with.

We both know that we're gonna have to push the distances over the next 2 weeks, as we don't want to die on our feet with a mile to go on the run to Cannon Hall Farm. We want to finish well especially as quite a lot of our families will be there to meet us, we don't want to look like death crossing the finish line. We also seemed to have overlooked the fact that there will also be other people there too on days out to the Farm and the Museum. We were joking whilst running last night that we hope there will be some water at the end of the run and maybe even a cup of tea and a scone from the cafe. I think we're building this finishing line up in our heads too much like there gonna be hoards of people cheering us across the line or something. What ever happens we're gonna be happy just finishing and making it through the 10km barrier, it one of those bench marks you feel you must do. You start with 5k then 5 miles, 10k then 10 miles, and then half marathon, and of course the full marathon. Hopefully by this time next year I will only have the 1 left to do, I can't wait and I can't believe how much I've done already and how much I've enjoyed doing it. Don't forget if you want to follow me on twitter just click here and click follow.

Keep running everyone

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3 weeks till the 10k run to cannon hall

Another Monday another run and another 5 miles, or that's what Rob and Luke thought. I had to tell them that last week they hadn't done 5 miles because the GPS on the Nike app didn't work properly. On the first mile it had missed off about 0.4 of a mile so we had to change our route slightly this time. Luke was gutted because he'd been bragging all week that he had done 5 miles but he hadn't really.

So with the adjusted route planned we set off and at the first mile marker I was a bit unhappy about our pace. It was a bit slow but kept going at the same pace as it was uphill and only the first mile. But when the second wasn't much better I was still a little shocked but as I keep having to remind myself, it's distance first then pace. We have plenty of time to build up our pace, although I did try to be a bit faster each mile and not slow down. On the third lap Luke was starting to feel it and as we were reaching the top of our lap by the farmers boy I noticed that both Rob and Luke were very quiet. It wasn't until we were on our way back down that they started talking again. Luke said if we could've seen his face on that climb we probably would have laughed, as he was struggling and pulling some faces because he was pushing hard to keep up with us. As we reached my house we were 0.35 of a mile short of 5 miles. Which we knew we would be so we carried on as usual round the Knowle to finish. I was feeling ok at this point Luke was feeling heavy as he described it and Rob seemed ok. As we reached the factory I could feel myself picking up pace and I looked at my phone and said we had 0.25 mile to go. So I said to the lads I'm going for it and ill wait for you at 5 miles. I started to sprint and felt really good and fast too, I kept an eye on the distance and as I rounded the corner I was still 0.1 of a mile off. This was a bad idea because I slowed to a jog again instead of just pushing on til it told me I had done 5 miles. I didn't know at the time but Rob had tried to keep up with me but slowed down before I did. Luke on the other hand didn't start running until I had slowed so he caught up with us and we crossed the 5 mile mark all together.

We completed 5 miles for real this time in 48 minutes a couple of minutes slower than last Monday but we did 5 properly so it was probably about the same pace. We all agreed that it was a good run and the sprint at the end was an excellent addition too, even if we didn't manage to sprint to the end of the run.

 During the run we were discussing the 10k run to Cannon Hall Farm and Luke dropped a bombshell on us, he won't be able to run with us as he is going on a stag do which he can't miss as he's the best man. Not really a bombshell but you got to make him feel a little guilty and wind him up. I also told them that my mum was talking about coming down with the rest of the family to cheer us across the finish line, not that there will be an actual finish line, but we know what she meant. I also told the Lads that my step mother in law(she'll hate being called that) Jean works for The Harrogate Advertiser and she said she may send a photographer down to the Yorkshire warrior run to take our photos. This was closely followed by "i hope its at the start where i won't look like I'm dying".
Things are shaping up nicely and the more running I'm doing the more excited i get about the races and runs that I'm going to do. Keep reading my blogs and sharing your wisdom with me, it very helpful. Don't forget that if you want to follow me on twitter to keep up to date on my progress and my blogs you can, click the link and click follow.
Keep running everyone

Saturday, 13 October 2012

5 mile run but the fitness regime suffers

After the 5 mile on Monday with the boys things were looking good. I felt like I was getting this warrior fitness regime sorted, I was organised, I had arranged a run on Thursday with Rob and I had my workout ready for Tuesday. Well it's now Saturday and that's not how it worked out, I should be doing a run today but because of weather and my forgetfulness and little boys named Clark I did a run yesterday. The Tuesday workout was brief as Clark was being very demanding so I only managed to get 1 cycle/rep of the exercises in rather than the 3 I intended to do. Wednesday was rest which is ok but Thursday arrived with the treat of heavy rain from about 4 which is when I get home from picking Dexter up. So I text Rob to see if he fancied moving the run til Friday but couldn't as on Saturday he is in a semi competitive bike race and was resting up for that. So I Decided I would run Friday and miss Saturdays run but combine the Thursday and Saturday runs into 1. I went up to stables with the wife and Boys to give her a hand and then run home. I was helping Sarah-Jane because she has a dressage competition this morning and it would be like a warm up for the run. It was a little chilly and windy at stables so I actually put a jumper on for my run which isn't like me.

After we had finished at stables I set off on my run, my plan was to try do 5 miles and along the way add in some sprints to try and combine the Thursday and Saturday runs. I ran round the Res to the other side to join up with Windmill lane as this would add the right distance to my run. As I I reached the top of the hill I had to stop for a wee and you can see it on my map its a very dark red colour as it was my slowest point. As I reached windmill lane I started to sprint and did a quick last 100m or so to the mile as I slowed to a run again I hit 1 mile accidentally done. But it gave me an idea I would try and do a sprint to finish off each mile, this however didn't happen. Like I said, the first time was accidentally done so none off my sprints were that well timed and I added others in. Like when I had to wait to cross roads I would make up the lost time by sprinting for a while. As I reach Marsh lane and the farmers boy I turned onto Jenkins lane to add some more distance to the run and make sure I hit 5 miles. As I reached home I was 0.5 of a mile short so as always to make up the distance I went round the Knowle tear drop as I call it. On my way back past Shepley spring I reached 5 miles, I immediately dropped to a walk and stopped the Nike app. I was really happy with the run and time, i did my 5 miles in 40.54 which was nearly 6 mins faster than Monday. I was happy that I had kept my jumper on too as I hadn't got too cold and i had sweated more too. This meant that when I jumped on the scales before my shower as I do after all my runs I was down to 13st 8lb (190lb for the Americans reading this). I don't really mention my weight because I didn't start running to lose weight I did it to get fit. I had been stuck at 13st 9lb (191lb) for a few weeks now so when i saw the scales I was chuffed. As I've mentioned it you may want to know what my weight was when I started. At my heaviest I was 14st 6lb (202lb) and within a week of running there was a quick drop in weight. I dropped 6lb within a week and then from there it was a more slow and steady drop until about 3 weeks ago when I got stuck at 13st 9lb. I still have another 9lb to go to my target weight although I not that fussed if I don't get there just long as I don't go back up past my current weight.

We now have 3 weeks till the 10km run to Cannon hall and having done a couple of 5 mile runs now I'm happy that I will not keel over after 10km. I hope the 10km goes well and that I can organise the next 1 with Dexters school without too many problems. With 4 of us running the first one I hope to have at least that again for the next one.

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Anyway keep running

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

5 mile run and an addition to the Group and a new Challenge

Monday again so Facebook was full of people moaning its Monday, but I was excited because it was Run day. Rob was running and we had the addition of Luke too finally, he had been saying for a couple of weeks now that he would join us. He finally did but almost didn't because he forgot and organised to go to the Gym with a friend. Rob was running a little late so we decide to meet up a 7 that meant we all could run.

It is nice to run on your own and listen to your own music, but running with friends is so much better. You can have a catch up chat, or pace yourself again each other and it just makes the run go a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

We met at my house and headed off up the road into Shepley and then up to the farmers boy to do our usual route when it's dark. Rob and I chose this route because its a good distance and has so good ups and downs as well as being lit by streetlights all the way round.

After my last run and the rubbish GPS problems with my Endomondo app I decided to give the Nike app a try. I attached the sensor to my shoe before we met up, and set up the App on my iPhone. The only difference on set up between the Apps is you can't change the distances from Miles to Km on the Nike App like you can on the Endomondo App. So today for the first time in a while we were running in miles and not Km.

Lap 1 went fairly smoothly we didn't have any issues and Luke Knee was hold out. This was the First Road run for Luke in 15 months since snapping ligaments in his knee. So even thou its healed and the Doctors said its as good as new we all were a bit cautions to start with, by lap 2 we were just focused on the distance we were running. Half way round the 2nd lap we had done 2.5 miles and it was then that we all kind said that if we finished the 3rd lap we should have done 5 miles. Last week Rob and I only did 2 laps so this was gonna be new territory for use. I had already done 5 miles a month or so back but this was gonna be Robs personal best and Luke was happy that his first run in 15 months would be 5 miles long. When we were halfway round lap 3 Rob and Luke were starting to discuss tight muscles and where they were starting to feel it a bit, so I knew that this would be the last lap. As we reached my house at the end of lap 3 we were .2 of a mile short of 5 so we went round the Knowle until we hit 5 and then walk back to my house. We did 5 miles in 46 mins which is not a bad pace for us, I do think we could do it fast but that isn't the aim, the goal is to increase our distances first. When we arrived back to my house we stopped in the drive to have a little breather and reflect on our run. We all felt good after the run for different reasons, Rob for his PB, Luke because he survived and I felt like I could have gone another lap or 2. The little rest also gave me a chance to evaluate the Nike App, I had paused the workout when we reached 5 miles so I could now stop it. When I did it asked me to rate my run on how I felt and then gave me a chance to name the shoes I ran in. The run went well so I put that I felt great and the naming of the shoes was the easier bit. They are my NEW SHOES of course and they always will be, even if I end up getting a new pair they will always be NEW SHOES. Read my early blogs to see why, if you don't get it. The GPS on the Nike App worked well but so did the Endomondo App on the same run last week. It's a bit early to say which I prefer but I'll keep testing. The Endomondo App does have an advantage of having lots of sports to track rather than the Nike App which is specifically for running.

During the run we were talking about the 10km run that Rob and I are doing to cannon hall, we ask Luke if he wanted to join us too. Luke was up for it and that meant there would now be 4 of us running it, Luke, Rob, Matty and Me. Luke has also ask me if I wanted to do the great north run next year for a charity his mum is involved in, and as I was planning on doing it anyway it was an easy decision. So the Running calendar now looks like this, a 10km tester run this November 4th, then if that goes well another 10km around March 28th. It's then full on training for the Yorkshire warrior on April 20th, then it's the Great North Run in September. I said that in 2014 I'll do a Marathon either London or New York and my little sis Jessie said New York. We will have to wait and see.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A run and a bike ride with the Boys in the new bike trailer

It's only the first week following the Yorkshire warrior training regime so I don't feel too bad for missing a day. I say miss a day but what actually happened was I went for a little bike ride with Dexter and Clark. The new bike trailer came and the boys were too excited for me not to take them on a ride. It wasn't much of a ride but it was a different kind of exercise so I was using different muscles at least. So Friday was suppose to be weights and wasn't but I'm building myself up slowly.

Saturdays are a 5km run at pace and your suppose to keep to the same run each time. This is so you can time yourself each Saturday and track your progress. As I was on my own AGAIN I set the Saturday route round the knowle and Shepley station. I did my run about 3 o'clock, not sure why that matters just though you might want to know. I completed 5km in about 23.30 but again the GPS wasn't the best and I think it misjudged my run by a couple of hundred metres so I'm gonna add a minute to that. I don't know why the GPS round the Knowle and station is a bit dodgy at the moment. Maybe it's the trees or the time of year/day, it could be the satellite positioning or the Endomondo app is at fault. Maybe it's iOS6 or the maps, anyway it annoying and I hope it's fixed soon as my runs are effected. To try and fix the problem if I'm gonna run the same run every Saturday, I've been on the Endomondo website and created it as a route. Which means I should just have to follow it rather than it trying to follow me. It's quite a good feature of the app it allows you to search for created routes or runs near you for you to run. They could be other people's runs which you can post a time on, or they could be yours so you can try beat you personal best. What other apps do people use and what are they like?

I didn't finish Saturday there either, I got home after my run and then within 20 mins was on my bike with the boys in the trailer. We went for a ride round the block and then up to the playground at Dexters school, Sarah-Jane brought Jasper along for a walk too. Then we went again this morning and Sunday is meant to be my other rest day, but how do you say no to these cute boys, Especially as they love it so much.


Here is a link to the video Sarah-Jane made of the first bike ride

Friday, 5 October 2012

Running intervals OMG that was different!

Since my last blog I've done Tuesdays resistance training and last night I did the Running intervals training sessions. Both of which I either haven't done in a very long time or not at all, so this came at quite a shock.

Lets start with Tuesday, I was all pumped up and ready for this and had done my stretches. So when I put Clark down for his nap I was ready. I took a look at the training list and I had immediately had questions, as I haven't done anything like this for a long time. Like who's been making names up and putting them on this list and what the hell is burpees do I have to burp or something. What on earth is a plometric lunge? I spent the first 10 mins looking at YouTube finding out what I was about to put my unsuspecting body through. By the time I was ready again Clark was up from his nap and trying to help me. This involved climbing on my back as I'm trying to do some press ups and some being the appropriate word, I've never been good at them. As I didn't have the right equipment at home for tricep dips I added sit ups instead. Which involved Clark pushing me down and trying to sit on my Chest. I didn't manage to do the workout that I intended but the next morning I knew it had done some good as my muscles were aching. I was glad that Wednesday was rest day although a 20 month year old doesn't let you rest at all.

So yesterday I did the interval running, I went up to stables with Sarah-Jane and the Boys then did the run on the way home. I had set up my own program on Endomondo to tell me when too run and when to walk. I started with a walk to warm me up but that minute didn't last at all and I had to run as fast as I could for 2 minutes. I was barely into it and I was already wishing it would stop, I'm use to a steady medium pace not this high intensive running. I carried on and finally my app told me the 2 minutes was up and to walk for a minute. That minute felt like 15 seconds and I was running fast again but I could tell already that my speed was down, but it says run as fast as you can and that's what I was doing. By the time I had completed the program I was almost ready to stop but I was still 3km from home, if Sarah-Jane had driven past at that point I would have jumped in as I was knackered. She didn't do I set my app to basic run and jogged home as it was down hill from there. I was feeling it all the way home and was surprised that I managed a constant pace of 5.14 per km. when I got home I was completely knackered and even felt a bit sick because of the lactic acid that I had built up on the interval run. I'm hoping that these Thursday runs get a bit easier although I could say that about Tuesdays too they were both hard but always enjoyable.


This morning i set the route for the 10km run to cannon hall on the Endomondo website it came out at 10.85km but what's .85km between friends. I will try to put a link up or a photo at least if you want to look at it.

Just as i finished this, the new bike trailer arrived so i could find myself going for a bike ride with the boys instead of the weight session im suppose to do on a friday.


Keep running everyone.