Monday, 3 September 2012

Tough going

After a 4 day break from running I managed to get a 5km run last night, but I found it hard going.

I didn't have a lot of time before it was Our boys bed times, so I decided to try a new route to see what it was like for distance and terrain. I wanted to see what the bridle path at the end of field head was like, whether it was muddy or rocky and also what sort of descents and accents there was. There was no Rob for the run as he had his girls this weekend, so I thought depending on how long this new route is I'll try and get a 5km PB time. Setting off up the road I immediately realised that I hadn't stretched enough, as I'm an expert now lol, I could tell because my thighs and knees were tight.

I started by going down lydgate rd as field head was directly across from the end of the road, this was also my first hill and I felt it even thou I had only just set off. Reaching the end of field head I came to the bridle path which used to be a road called long lane, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fairly wide road as it was still used by farmers and seemed well kept for a gravel road, I could help wonder how bad it might get later on. The road narrowed after a couple of hundred metres but still passable by a tractor, just but it was really only a track now. This soon changed again and this is why it's not passable now there was 4 or 5 huge holly bushes and other plants either just left to grow or put there for boundary disputes years ago. You can still pass in a single file sort of way and just about get a horse through, the terrain was still flat and easy to run on but still my first Km was slow. This was due to tractors and not really knowing where I was going.

I entered Shepley mill wood and the path went down hill literally and condition wise too. It looked like it was an old roman road made of large cobbles and stone but it had been churned up by time and water and was very difficult to run on. I still managed to keep a steady pace but it was slow, the path ended by chucking me out onto the only bit of long lane still used. It has about 5/6 houses on it all with there own stables or other things you might expect from expensive and remote houses. I got a slight chuckle from 1 resident that was outside cleaning his expensive cars (not jealous I promise), he obviously knew where I had come from or I had a bemused face on. I was back on tarmac again and was enjoying the surroundings until I turn back towards home and was confronted by the hill I was gonna have to climb. I was halfway up it and couldn't help but actually stop and rest, I blamed it on the lovely views when i told Sarah later. I rested for about 10 seconds then made myself push on, and joined the main road at Shelley and near the rising sun. I passed 2km in nearly 13 mins and was gutted that I had been so slow but kept going if only to try and improve my time. I joined up with the circuit that Rob and I do and continued on that till I had reach the top of the Knowle. I hit 4km and was close to home so decided to go up Knowle park ave and round eastfield to increase my run to 5km just to compare times. I knew I was close to 30mins so when I hit the main road again I tried to pick up the pace so I could beat the 30 min barrier. I managed to judge it perfectly distance wise as I hit 5km right outside my house, but missed 30 mins by 3 seconds. I was gutted I missed the 30 min but was happy that I had pulled it back from such a poor start.

When I was home it hit me how tired I was and how drained it was especially as I did 10km only 4 days ago. So I was racking my brain for excuses, like I had only just had my tea and was heavier, I was a little ill with a cold, and things like that. I also thought I would have done better if I had stretched more too, whatever the excuse it just shows that this run I'm doing in a few weeks time isn't going to be easy unless I keep working hard.

I got my sponsor forms through and my race number the other day and since then I've been giddier than a 6 year old boy. If I see any of you soon please sponsor me for my run, it is to raise money for Kirkwood hospice so a very good cause. If I don't see you wish me luck anyway, thank you.

I've added a picture of Dexter and his trophy from the Emley show just because he was nearly as giddy as me when he brought it home to show me.


  1. The cold, the lack of stretching and recovery from your long run are all proper reasons for the harder time you've had of it today. They are not excuses....proper have every reason to be incredibly proud of all of this.....hope Dexter will let you share the trophy.

    1. Not a chance Dexter will share it, we have had to take it off him though as he want to paint it stick things to it with glue and sleep with it...