Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hips and Knees With 12 days to go

I have been on a couple of runs since my last Blog, and they were quite different. This past Saturday my wife and I were getting ready to go out for a change, and whilst she was in the bath I went for a 5km run. I get ready quickly and set off round the Knowle and then down towards Robs house. It was just past Robs when my hip started to hurt, I knew it was sore from my previous run but didn't think it would hurt like it did. Then as I reach km 1 In 4.59 the pain is a bit less and I carry on with the lap but as I reach the Knowle again I realised that I should have done 2km by now but the app had not said anything. I checked it and I said I had only done 1.4km so I was a bit confused and annoyed as I like to know how far I've been and what pace I'm on. So when I reached home where I should have done 3 km it had only just gone 2km on my app, so I changed my route and completed what I think was about 4km and went home. When I got home I could see my GPS had gone wrong and wasn't tracking me properly, but I went get showered and change so Sarah and I could have a night out. It was a surprise fancy dress 30th birthday party for a friend of ours, I was Tiger Woods and Sarah was a Tiger. It was a good night but my feet were sore by the end.

It has been 3 days since my last run and I left it that long because I wanted to give my hip a good rest. Rob also joined me today for my run and he was also carrying and injury too, he had hurt his knee in what he called a 'Bedroom incident' nuf said. We decided to go steady on our run which was from Stables to home, Sarah the boys Rob and I all jumped in the car and went to stables. When we arrived Rob and I went off on our run whilst Sarah and the boys checked on Feebee, but not before Clark burst into tears cos I was leaving him. Rob and I set off round the Res and at the Corner of the Res I gave Rob a choice turn left and do 7km or turn right and do 6.5km. Rob decided and sensibly too to turn right, this lead us down the access track and then on to Broadstone road. We took this road all the way up Piper well Lane and as we approached it started to chuck it down. This was new to us both and we got really cold very quickly, but as quick as it started it stopped. It was actually quite refreshing and helped us keep the pace going. When we reached 5km we both were quite amazed that our injuries weren't causing us too much pain. We ran down through Shepley to the station and then on towards the main road where I left Rob to go down the road home and to do 6.5km. I carried on round the Knowle on my way home and completed just over 7km, I felt really good after the run and I just hope my hip doesn't hurt too much in the morning. With 12 days to go til the run at Greenhead Park we need to take care not to push ourselves too hard and get injured whilst still pushing enough so the run doesn't kill us. Next run is Friday so we'll have to see then how the injuries are, and see how far we can go.


  1. What..no PB reports ? ! I'm sure having rest days between runs is sensible. Paula Radcliffe recommends it. J.

  2. I'm building Rob up first before I make him go faster. I sound like I'm his personal trainer I'm not.

  3. Just checked in again, to add to your page views ! Think about word search opportunities in your sub titles....that can add followers.