Friday, 7 September 2012

Dexter & Daddy run

We were all on our way up to stables to check on FeeBee. I was all ready for my run with an added layer cos it was a but chilly the other day. As we arrived Dexter asked if he could run home with me, so we had to explain to him that he would manage that far. But if he wanted we could run to the end of the Res and then meet Mummy at the end of the water board access road. Then from there I could run home on my own, he thought that was a better idea. So after sorting Feebee out Dexter and I set off on our run down one end of the res, and it wasn't long before Dexter was already tired, or so he said. I kept him going and was pointing out to him where we would be going when all of a sudden he disappeared, I looked back and he had tripped over the long grass. He just laid there looking at me waiting for me to pick him up, I helped him up and sent him on a short cut down the banking of the res. I told him to wait at the entrance of the access road whilst I ran round the path to the same place. I joined up with Dexter and we ran down the access road to meet up with Mummy and Clark, and we managed not to fall over and only stopped a couple of times. Mummy was waiting at the end and I strapped Dexter in to his booster chair and said my goodbyes, checking my Endomondo app I say that Dexter had managed 0.77km which was good for him. I un paused it a set off running at my pace home with the intention of doing at least 6km. My first couple of full km after leaving Dexter were at a good pace in the low 5mins, I had decided as I didn't go round the res I was going to go over the hill at Deershaw just to add a little extra hill to the run. The only thing was the hill back down was very steep and narrow so had to be careful of cars coming up and down. I hit 4km at the bottom of Deershaw and the top of Marsh lane in 23.27, it was at this point I started thinking about discounting the first km that i did with Dexter and if I finished in good time I could get another PB. So instead of keeping my pace the same on the slight downhill of Marsh lane to get my breath back I picked up my pace to try and beat my PB. I did the next km in 4.26 and the last km in 4.34 which I was really pleased with even if I was on a downhill. I did my 6km in 32.27 so If I discount the first km with Dexter I did 5km in 25.04 which indeed was a new PB. I think when it comes to the run in a couple of weeks I should be doing it in under 25mins which a few months ago I would have thought impossible. There was just one thing that I had forgotten on my run and that was Vaseline we meant I came home and with 1 red nipple and 1 very pink nearly red nipple. Picture to follow this time.

So Rob if you wanna run together at the 5km run were gonna have to pick up your pace and get you some Vaseline too, speaking of Rob it was his birthday yesterday, so we all wish him a happy birthday and hope he enjoys being 33.

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  1. ...the trials and tribulations of sports injuries....x