Thursday, 20 September 2012

Personal best with only 3 days till Charity 5k Run

Rob and I couldn't manage to do 1 last run together, we were planning on meeting up on Thursday evening. I was unable to do this now as Sarah had a parents evening at school and wouldn't be home till gone 8.30 and it would be too dark by then. So I ran yesterday which of course Rob couldn't, he was off to watch the mighty Huddersfield Town destroy Sheffield Wednesday by 3 goals to 1. Well done Town, local derby you did us proud keep it up now through out the season.

So I went up to stables with Sarah and the boys and we sorted Feebee out, then Dexter decided he was running with back with me. I told him he could run to the end of the access road again and meet mummy there. He always acts like I'm giving him a raw deal, but when we reach the end of the access road he's knackered and can't wait to get in the car. I almost joined him this time as my hip was a bit sore, but I knew this was my last chance of a run before Sunday. Plus I knew that as soon as I was up and running my hip would be alright and the adrenaline helps too.

I didn't start my App till I had dropped Dexter off as I wanted to do a fair assessment of how I was doing. As I reached 1km Endomondo told me I had done that in 4.55 and most of that was up hill. It was then that I decided that I was gonna try and keep all my km under 5min and as my hip pain had gone I was up for the challenge. At the next 2 km markers I was still within 5mins I had now come to the top of Marsh lane and was feeling ok. I knew that this was all done hill now so i changed the route to go along Jenkins lane the opposite way to Rob and I the other night because this was much more of a flat. As I turned onto Jenkins lane the 4km marker told me I was still under 5mins I was also on pace to beat my 5km PB but could for the life of me remember what that was, I just knew I was close. As I was running along Jos lane I could feel myself slowing it was hard work and I think I was still tired from the last run. I dropped down onto Jos way reached my 5km mark, I had done the last km in 4.54, yes I had done it. I was really pleased and punched the air again not caring if people see me and think I'm weird. I completed 5km in 24.05mins which I knew was a PB but had no idea by how much but I'd check that when I got home. I carried on home and reach it in 27.04mins completing 5.58km I was thrilled to bits. It had been a hard run and was quite happy to stand out side in the cold for a few minutes until I had cooled down and had a rest. I was looking through the history on my Endomondo app to figure out how much I had taken off my PB and was pleased to find out that I had shaved almost a full minute off it, 0.59mins better.

It's now the morning after and I am quite glad I have 3 days rest till the run as I'm very sore and stiff. My hip feels like its asleep constantly my back is a bit stiff and my shoulders are sore, not sure why could have been the air punching I did but I don't care cos I feel great overall. I just have to sit back and relax now till Sunday and the Run, knowing that can do 5km in under 25mins. I wouldn't have thought I would enjoy my running this much a few months back. I will post again after the Run so wish me well and thanks for reading and for sponsoring me if you have cheers.


  1. Good luck for Sunday....lots of rest, and how about some decent food... I bet that would help you improve on your PB....protein, some carbs....and no crap !!!!!!

    1. Thanks Janice are you coming to watch? It is gonna rain thou.

    2. I'll be on my way back from Plymouth....reckon its going to take me about 6 hours ! I'll be thinking of you though. x

  2. Wow well done that's so good! Good luck on Sunday! Wish I could come cheer you on but I'll be at work! I'll be there in spirit!! Love you xxx