Tuesday, 18 September 2012

5 days until the Charity 5km run at Greenhead Park

One week to go so a big push was needed, or at least that was the plan.
After last week and the injuries it was more like just do enough so we don't get any more injuries but keep our fitness levels up.

Last night Rob and I meet up for a run but the only time we could manage it was at dusk. This was new and it didn't take us long to discuss the need for high viz and probably head torches. We were on our usual circuit but very quickly had to change it as the path that run parallel to Robs house was pretty much pitch black. We choose to cross a field which was lit by the moon and came out onto a road, so we could do a new route and so we had street lights to guide us. Well that was the idea as the road it lead onto wasn't lit as well as I had thought and we couldn't see our footings, we both nearly fell a couple of times. As we reached the street light lit part of the road there was a little sigh of relief from the pair of us. I led us up the road towards the Doctors and then onto Jenkins lane, which I had been meaning to run for a couple of weeks now but from the other end. It was at this point I check my Endomondo app to see how far we had been and the GPS had gone funny again. It said we had just done Km 2 in 14 mins but by our pace and time we new we were nearly at 3km. At the top of Jenkins lane we joined Marsh lane and headed back down towards home knowing that when we reach home we will have easily done 5km. We took the back route home that led us round the Knowle and down to the train track. At this point Rob went home down the road and I carried on to the station and back up the hill to home. My app said by the time I reached home that I had done 4.72km but my time was 35+ mins so I knew I had done at least 6.5km and Rob had done about 6km.

The good thing was I felt pretty good at the end and was looking forward to the Run on Sunday even more. If anyone wants to sponsor me then here is the link, www.justgiving.com/teams/runforit then Click on my name Matthew Pattison and Donate to Kirkwood Hospice.

I must thank you all for reading my Blogs I enjoy counting the Page views I'm at 630+. This past weekend it was my sisters Wedding after 14 years she was marrying Kieron finally, they looked really happy and Jodie looked Beautiful. It was also nice to see all the family and some friends I haven't seen for a while. It was really interesting to find out how many people have been reading my blogs, and asked me how my running was coming along.
We all had a good time at what the family are calling the wedding of the year. Especially as Dexter (4 years old) was as he put it 'throwing some shapes out' on the dance floor and had about 8 grown ups copying him, funniest thing I've seen for ages.


  1. Dexter was a super star last weekend...so we expect nothing less from you next weekend. I'm away for a few days, so hope this blog and fb will keep me up to date with things. Jx.

  2. I'm in Portugal playing golf. Well done with pb and ngood luck for 5k.

  3. Dexters dancing was one of my highlights of the day!!! I love him!!