Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Scary noises on route to 5km PB

Yesterday was Dexters first day at school so I was up early and rushing around. It was also the first day of what will be my routine now for quite a few years. Because it was Dexters first day at school his aunty Jessie popped round to see him and to give him a present she had bought him for his first day at school. She bought him a plastic brontosaurus to play with, now he loves dinosaurs and was really pleased but it wasn't long before Clark had stolen it and was running around with it, roaring at the top of his voice.

Later that evening when Sarah was home from work we went up to stables and I was gonna run home. As we arrived and got out of the car I had regretted wearing my sleeveless top as there was quite a chilly wind blowing but I knew once I was up and running the wind would be nice.

I set off on my run home leaving Sarah and the boys to drive home calling it a race so the boys didn't get upset when I run off. To start with I run round browns edge reservoir and up a farm track until I join up with birdsnest lane and then onto windmill lane. By this point I had done 2km in 10.36 if I kept up this pace I was easily going to beat my 5km PB. As I ran up briadstone road I was feeling good and felt like I could do a good 5km time even if I don't manage a PB. I hit 3km in 15.44 and was really chuffed with the pace and times I was doing, I had done this run before and at this point last time was feeling pretty bad. So I took that as a real positive, and as I hit top of the hill down to the main Holmfirth road I felt really good. I was breathing slightly heavy but that's fine but as I hit the main road and headed towards row gate I hit 4km in 21.01 then also hit the wall. I got a massive stitch all across my back which was quite painful when I had to breath in, this made me make strange groans or roars like Clark had done with the Dinosaur earlier. I knew I had to just push through it but as I neared people I had to try not to roar as I went past them or they might think I was stranger than I actually was. So when passing other pedestrians or people on bikes I tried to keep my mouth shut until the stitch had passed. It must have been all in my head because as I hit my 5km mark it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Or it disappeared because I was filled with excitement instead as I had beaten my 5km PB with a time of 26.30 knocking at least a minute off my previous best. I now had a spring in my step and was heading down Marsh lane towards Shepley centre, I reached 6km and had my breath back so decided to pick up the pace for the next km. I was almost home and was at 6.5km so finished off by going round the Knowle until reached 7km. I did the final km in 4.59 which was cool and a very positive indication that I can still push it after a long run if needed. I reach home and was feeling good I had a new PB fir the 5km and was pleased at my pace overall.

With 2 and a half weeks till the 5km run things were looking good, I have also set myself a new challenge for after the 5km run. I haven't set a date for it yet but possibly in the school half term holiday at the end of October. The plan is too run from our house to Cannon Hall museum and Cannon hall farm which is just over 10km. I have set up a Just giving page for it with money raised going to Kirkwood hospice, I'll post a link when I have done my 5km run. I'm hopefully going to get Rob involved in it and Jessie's boyfriend Matty who runs 5km, 10km and has even done marathons. I hope he rubs off on Rob and I and we run a bit faster as a result. We'll have to see who else we can get involved but I'll keep you informed.


  1. Its getting boring...PBs on every outing....brilliant, see you soon, and of course, count on me and your dad for sponsorship. Jx.

    1. Thank you Janice, sorry about the PB's can't help it.