Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Snow is gone and the running is back

Because of the recent snow and ice it has been 2 weeks since any type of run and nearly 3 weeks since a substantial run. That has now finally changed as the snow has gone and roads are safe to run. Luckily with the snow comes sledging and all the running up hills certainly keeps you active.

So yesterday Rob came up and we went for our usual run round the village, Rob was already feeling it after the run up the hill to my house. It's not surprising as he's only managed 2 runs in the last 2 months, and because of that he only managed 5.5km. I carried on to do 10km as I felt really good but oh did that change. Around my usual wall of 7-8km I was still ok and I even managed a good pace but just past 8km my legs decided to give in almost. I pushed on and when I hit 9km I managed to get a stitch down my left side, which gladly came just as I was on a downhill so could ease off a touch to work through it. I pushed on to 10km but there was no chance of anything more but that was ok, as this run was mainly about getting out again and de-stressing a bit, it wasn't about distance.

Since my last run my wife and I haven't had the best of luck. Our tumble dryer broke, the van wouldn't start, the car exhaust broke a day after we fixed the flat battery on it, and yesterday the water pump on the car went. Worst of all last week my wife had to make the difficult decision to have her horse put down after she became ill and was in real pain with no obvious cure or solution. Lets hope this is the last of our bad luck at least for a while please.

On a positive side the Shepley First School Fun Run is progressing nicely and we have 25 confirmed runners so far with a few more hopefully still to come. I would have been happy if we only got 20 so anything now is a bonus, and as its the first School fun run of hopefully more I think it's going brilliantly. We were having lots of questions about "facilities" for the ladies and had enquired about hiring Birds edge village hall but the cost was too high. So 1 of the ladies in my sub committee which I've named "my Rachels" for the obvious reason they are all called Rachel or Rachael, had an idea. We have changed the start/finish line from where it was to now being at the Windmill Nursery cafe which is on the original route just a different point on the route. This means there will be some where to meet and eat afterwards too. Plus there is now somewhere for the spectators to keep warm, until we eventually turn up.

I've also discovered this week via a twitter friend Sam Ward that we have a Huddersfield 10k. After living here for 33 years (basically all my life) I've only just found out about it. So I immediately signed up for it and shared it on Facebook and Twitter etc. There is a £100 bonus for this race to anyone who beats the race record, this won't be coming my way that's for sure. The record is 20 mins faster than my average 10k time, 20 mins oh dear that's fast.

Well it's good to be back running and blogging and remember everyone, keep running.

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