Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolutions and New Gear

Here are some photos from over the festive period


Christmas and the New Year have now passed and attention after my Birthday tomorrow will be firmly on this years runs.

First up and most excitingly is the Shepley First School Fun Run which I have set up. Over the Christmas period I have been slowly spreading the word and a few of the flyers. I have also set up a Facebook event for it and posted the Flyer up on Twitter and Google+ and early doors things are looking good. I've already sent out a few registration forms and had lots of positive questions and comments about it. This is all without the main distribution if the flyers which will be when the kids are back at school. The school are going to put a copy of the flyer in each of the children's book bags to take home with them. We are hoping that people will take up the challenge, weather it's a New Year resolution or as part of a diet or as part of a new fitness regime.

After the fun run is the Yorkshire warrior run which is 10 miles or 16km of Obstacles. I finished off last year with a PB of 13.1km so I feel almost ready for it distance wise, but I'm going to need to build up a bit more strength and cardio to deal with the obstacles. I think I have all my gear for it too as my Christmas presents this year were mainly running based. I have almost everything no matter what weather is thrown at me I will have the appropriate clothing/equipment. The most important thing that I am missing for the Yorkshire Warrior is my running mates, over the next couple of weeks I'm going to have to sign them up for it.

A few days ago one of my oldest friends ask for my opinion over which running App to get. I advised him to go with the Endomondo App as its more rounded and has more features and setting to get a more personalised feel to it. Well I actually said it in a more bloke way I said 'get that one its alright yeah'.
Since that conversation he downloaded the Endomondo App and has done 3 1.7mile runs in 3 days each quicker than the last, very proud of you Jamie. Jamie and his girlfriend Lisa are also running the Fun Run with me on March 17th.

There are still many more events on my list for 2013 and there are also spaces in my calendar too. So keep reading as I keep running and let's see how 2013 progresses.

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