Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow running good idea or not?

For the past week my wife and I have been weather forecast addicts, waiting for the first decent snow fall of the year. Now it's here it's all smiles and giggles from the boys and constant questions of can we go outside on my sledge or snow scooter. I love the sound of happiness and excitement in the boys voices and even in Sarah's voice too, she loves the snow and not just because she might get a day off work. Today is suppose to be run day but unless the snow melts pretty quick it's gonna be a tough decision weather or not to go out. I don't mind the cold or the snow its the hidden Ice underneath that you have to be careful of, and will my running shoes cope if there is some. At the moment it's not too deep and most of the pavements and roads are ok but will it get worse or will it stop? I'll just have to wait and see especially as it not gonna be easy to find time otherwise. Sarah is gonna be late home tomorrow, its FOSFS meeting on Wednesday,Thursday it's parents evening at Sarah's school so then the next opportunity is Friday. That would mean it will have been over a week since my last run, and as I have completely caught the running bug that is unacceptable.

My last Run was on Wednesday but seem ages ago, at times I can still feel it in my legs. I did another PB distance of 14km but I tried to keep the pace up all the way through which meant it was really tough. I even attempted to finish off with a fast last km , 5.09 my not sound like a fast km but after 13km I think it was pretty damn good. I had pushed my legs and lungs a lot on the last 500m and was struggling to keep a rhythm, I was almost out of breath when out of nowhere a dog jumped up at a gate I was passing and almost scared me half to death. It wasn't what I needed cardio wise but after I had caught my breath I did laugh the remaining 300m I had to run, I bet not many people have laughed finishing a 14km run.

The Fun Run is, after a slow start finally taking shape and numbers are growing. There is a FOSFS meeting at school on Wednesday where I should get a few more entries too. I now have to write some letters to some of the houses on the route to inform them we will be running past, if only for courtesies sake. I've been trying to get people to join Rob, Luke and I on a practise run of the 10k route this Saturday but as the weather is the way it is then I don't even think we will be going but we shall see. I can't wait to do it with someone else just so I have a comparative view of it, as I'm the only one who has run it so far.

This past Friday it was Clarks 2nd Birthday thank you to everyone who gave him a card, present, or just wished him a happy birthday. Can't believe he is 2 already.

I will keep you up to date on the Fun Run and training but for now, Keep Running everyone.


  1. I love the combination of info in your blog and friends, running and normal life, all interwoven. Thats the way running should be.....just part of life. Brilliant. Jx

  2. It's official snow running is ok but ice is very bad. Just managed 2.5k before giving in and coming home before I slipped and broke something.