Monday, 4 February 2013

Practise run of the 10k route

I had been trying to get this practise run done for about a month now, but things kept getting in the way or taking priority. I had put it on Facebook that I was thinking about doing it this weekend but no one seemed interested in running it with me. This was until I sent a group email out to all the runners of the Shepley First School Fun Run. I sent them all the new route map as we have changed the Start/Finish line location. Then I got a reply from Andrew Jagger asking if I was running the route soon. Now I would have told him that I was planning on running it this Sunday, but as things always seem to come up and I didn't know him too well I didn't want to agree to run with him only to let him down if things changed. As things turned out, I did manage to run the 10k route this past Sunday. Since we had to say goodbye to Sarah-Janes horse FeeBee, Dexter and Clarks ponies have been up at stables so we all jumped in the van and head up to stables around 10am. As the 10k route is nearby I jumped out to run it and Sarah-Jane took the boys to see the ponies at stables.

I didn't start the route from the new Start/Finish line but from the turning point of the new 5k route. I did this as it was the easiest and closest point to stables and so I could check the distance of the 5k route whilst running the 10k route. The idea of the practise run was to make sure the distances were about right and that the places I had in mind for the Marshals were ok and had space for the Marshals to park a car too. So they have somewhere to wait and so the can get off as soon as they last runner has passed them safely, without having to walk back to the start/finish line.

The weather was a bit drizzly and windy but not too cold, it's the kind of weather we might get on the day of the fun run in a worse case scenario (praying that it doesn't snow). This gave me an opportunity to wear my new running coat that Sarah-Jane bought me for Christmas. I set off on the run heading towards the Windmill Nursery cafe (Start/Finish line) and as usual when I run on my own set off too quick and had done 2km in just over 9 mins. Way too quick for my usual pace and this early in the run. I passed the windmills and their buzzing noise they give off is slightly off putting but it is a spectacular sight. As I reached the Windmill Nursery Cafe I stopped to check on my Endomondo App that the distance of the 5k route was ok. It was 2.7km from where I had started and from where I think the turn around point was gonna be. 2.7km wasn't too bad at all, I could put the turn around a bit closer so it is exactly 5km but at 2.7km is a very good place for a water station. I also took a couple of photos whilst I was stopped, they aren't the best photos because of the drizzly weather but you can just make out the windmills. I stood around too long messing about with my App and photos which lead to my calf cramping up and I had to stretch it out before I could carry on. Once I got running again I came to the bottom of the hill and was faced with the steep hill back up to the viewing point at the southern end of the run. It's quite daunting as you reach the bottom of the hill as you can see the road back up, it seems to get bigger and steeper as you get there. Once your on it if you keep your head down and just push on you don't notice it too much and before you know it your at the top. From this point I was thinking I would be a steady downhill and by the time I came to the next uphill I could take it at a nice steady pace. As always I'm so wrong or miss judge other factors. For instance the wind, I was running head first into the wind which made it hard on the flats. This zapped my energy and when it came to the uphill up to windmill lane, my legs felt twice as heavy. It was at that point that I thought we should have a second water station at the bottom of the hill. By the time I had reached the junction to windmill lane I was really struggling with my pace, and I still had 2.5km to go. As I hit 8km I was again on a steady downhill on the final part of the run, this part winds down a road that is very quite and has about 4 homes on it which must be about 3/4 million each. My envy was blown away and as was I nearly by the big gusts of wind that were trying to cram themselves down my throat. It wasn't until I reached the end of Birds nest rd that the winds let up. I rounded the corner and hit 9km still on a bad pace of 6+ mins, but at this point I didn't care I just wanted to finish the run. I trundled on and completed the run which overall was good but harder than I remember from last year when I ran it with FeeBee (and Sarah-Jane). From there I ran down the road to stables to meet back up with Sarah-Jane and the boys, but I almost didn't make it as I had to climb over the gate to stables and almost didn't have the energy. I manage it and completed 10.79k in 1hr a bit slow but worth it.

I know why I was so tired and my legs were heavy, this is because and I know it obvious but I had no breakfast. I'm so used to not having breakfast that when I need to have breakfast I tend to forget and only remember when it's too late. I'll have to get back in to the routine of having breakfast if I'm gonna do more morning runs especially for the Fun Run. Overall thou the run was good and a challenge, we don't want it to be easy now do we. I checked out everything I wanted to and everything seem good. The water stations will be in good places, the Marshal will be situated alright with enough space for parking etc. The surrounding views and windmills are all spectacular and as the Fun Run will be as spring will be kicking in, it should make it more picturesque.

We now have 27 confirmed runners with a few still to hand in their forms. It's looking good for my first attempt at an organised run, and should be a great day what ever happens.

I paused for a while whilst writing this so I could go out for another run with Rob even if it was raining a little. It just shows how far I've come in my running and fitness, 2 runs in 2 days is a new experience for me and its amazing that my body and I were fine with it. What my body wasn't ready for was the rain to change to snow and then back to rain and then to hail and really strong gusts of really cold wind. This was all topped by the thunder and lighting crashing and bashing around us and at 1 point was directly above us. We were both surprised at how well we were doing considering we had both been busy this weekend, I had done obviously done the run yesterday and today whilst Rob had done his first bike ride of the year, 35 miles over the hills and back. As well as crashing his bike won't tell you how its a bit embarrassing, you'll have to ask him yourself.

We did a lap of Shelley park and a lap of Shepley so we did 7.64km by the end of the run and if the weather wasn't so bad we probably would have done another lap and completed a 10km run. We were both pleased with what we had done so we finished on a high, which is always good.

Keep running everyone

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