Friday, 17 August 2012

Run aftermath

The morning after my run I awoke to very stiff and sore Achilles again, so put my strappings on til they woke up and stopped hurting as much. I woke up when my 19 month old son decided it was morning and we went to put my feet up and watch some early morning Cbeebies together.

As more and more people arose from their comfy beds, the more and more looks of 'poor boy' i got until Janice 'aka Nana' had had enough and said right that's it we're getting you some proper running shoes from Decathlon today.

Before the trip to decathlon we went on a trip to a lake with the boys where there were climbing frames in the water for the boys to climb and a pontoon for the grown ups to swim out to. Then on the way home we stopped at the Decathlon which is like a B&Q but full of sports equipment and clothing. It was so large that the 6 of us that went in immediately got separated and a bit lost. I found the shoes but there was at least 4 different shoe sections, walking, hiking, running and casual. That doesn't count the football shoe section which was about as big as the others combined.

After find the shoes I wanted I then had to figure out what euro size I am. Turns out that I'm a size 43, so that was that or so I thought as Janice then said you must get running socks too. I thought I would be leaving with a full running kit including coach and schedule.

I'm now looking forward to my next run more than before, and I am one very happy boy now even if I do have sore Achilles.


  1. You seem to be managing fine without a personal trainer...just hope the shoes help...and dont forget the ice packs.J.

  2. Great blog with very appropriate photos!