Monday, 27 August 2012

Personal bests and firsts

It's bank holiday Monday and we had to go shopping but luckily we set off early enough to beat the rush. We bought Dexter some new school trousers as he starts Shepley first school next week. We didn't find any shoes at Asda for him so off to Sports Direct we went, where we thought we would be spoilt for choice. Wrong there was some nice shoes but as always not in the right size, but we finally found some school shoes. As we were there we thought we should buy him some new trainers as his present shoes were on their last legs. We found a few shoes that mummy and I liked but Dexter didn't, like some nice converse and some cool High tops. Sarah and I are determined to get Dexter in some high tops that we find him but he never likes them. We did find some trainers that he liked and as we had been talking about my run that I had planned, Dexter has called them his power shoes and he zooms around the shop when trying them on. I ask him if he would like to come on a little run with me if Rob doesn't join me on my run. As he was worked up and excited he said YES DADDY I WOULD, that later changed.

Later in the afternoon I received a txt from Rob telling me he wouldn't be running today as he is unwell and feeling rough. So I went and got my running stuff and started to get ready for my run. Whilst I was getting ready Dexter and Clark were watching Cbeebies. Dexter turned his head from the TV for a second and saw me getting ready, I was just about to ask him if he was still coming for a run when he said, 'I sorry Daddy I can't come running today I'm watching Cbeebies'. Ok it's a solo run then.

I really enjoyed the circuit I did with Rob so I set off down the road towards Robs house. My plan this time was to continue the circuit that I finished with last time after dropping of Rob, as I didn't complete a full circuit of my planned route last time I have no Idea how far it was. So I was gonna do 2 laps and see how far I had been and adjust the lap if needed. As I passed Robs house I noticed that Robs girlfriends car was outside so I grinned to myself. Either she was looking after him or Rob had bailed on the run for her, it made me smile and I don't blame him either way. Onward I went and at the bottom of the road and just round the corner I hit my first km in 4.43, which even though it was downhill still shocked me. That was not the only shock I would get on this run, and carried on. Back up the hill I went and reached the station in no time then cut down the ally back towards the main road. At the end I went up the road a little and crossed the road and went round the back roads up towards home which is called the knowle. As I came round the corner at the end of the road I had reach my starting point again, so I check my app on my phone to see what distance I had done. It read 2.75km which I didn't expect so doing some quick maths in my head I thought if I did another lap it would be 5.5km and that would be a good run. 3km went by and I was on my way back down the hill when my phone rang, what the **** I thought and got slightly confused as I forgot how to answer my phone with headphones in.
It was my friend Luke, he asked me how I was and all I could say was urrmm I'm half way through a run. He wanted to pop round to see the boys and say hello as it's been a while since we've spoken, holidays and all. I said I'd be home in 15mins which was optimistic even for me, especially as my km times were rising steadily as I was getting tired. The station was in sight as I hit 4km and I could feel my legs getting heavy, I reached 5km halfway round the Knowle. I wasn't feeling to bad as I reach the end of lap 2 so I kept going cos I had said I needed to start pushing the distances again, plus the next km is downhill. Hitting 6km just before Robs house I was happy until I noticed my shoe lace undone and had to stop to tie it. The stopping wasn't bad it was the getting back up to speed that was the killer, and as the bottom of the hill was just round the corner. 7km was just short of the station and as I reached the ally had to stop again as some ramblers were coming the other way. We squeezed passed each other and I had to get back up to speed again which was difficult when the road up to the back of the Knowle is steep. 3/4 of the way round the I hit 8km and also 5 miles, I was really happy and even started punching the air. This also got me worked up and started running a bit faster on my final straight back home, I did start thinking that I could go 1 more km as its downhill, but quickly changed my mind as I would then have to come back up some how.

Once I was back in the garden at home I stopped and raised my arms as the boys were at the window looking for me. I got a good reception from them and Sarah as she had been track my run online and realised I had done 5 miles. This quickly changed into what's that on your chest, as I looked down I instantly knew that I had my first bleeding nipple. So I had beaten my PB in distance and also had my first chafing injury, that's what you call a run.

In all the nipple gate aftermath I forgot that Luke was coming round just as he came through the garden gate, so had to greet him half naked. But as he lived with us for a year it wouldn't have been the first time either. Never mind I reached 5 MILES woo hoo.

Sorry no photo of my nipple I don't think the Internet is ready for that.


  1. Wooooooo hoooooo! Well done!!!!! Marathon next summer with Matty?

    1. Maybe not a marathon yet but there is a 10km in may. I'll see what I'm upto then.

  2. brilliant, again...hope the heels are ok xxx

    1. Put ice pack on them and they feel really good considering.