Saturday, 18 August 2012

Proper running shoes

After 2 days of resting my Achilles I decided that I must try my run again. My plan was to do it early morning before the temperature rose and wasn't suitable for running. But as it was my turn to lie in and Sarah (my wife) was getting up with the kids, the idea of extra sleep was more appealing.

When I did wake up I stumbled into the front room to find everyone cleaning as we had some more family arriving that afternoon. After breakfast we went in the pool with the boys who were excited to meet Thomas (9) and Michael (17),who they hadn't met before. It was soon lunchtime and Clarks' nap time so I left Dexter playing with his 3DS and went and did 44 lengths of the pool. Now that sounds a lot but the pool is only 8x4 so I did that in about 10 mins. After my swim my Achilles felt really good so I said I must go on a run today at some point, especially if I want to do another before we go home. At about 4.30 the family arrived and about 10 after that Thomas was ready to get in the pool like any kid of his age. We all had a good hour in the pool and then we started talking about tea, so this was it, if I was to go for a run this would be my only opportunity. So I dressed the boys after their dip in the pool and left them with Sarah, I went and got dressed and into my NEW SHOES yay.

Immediately I felt the difference and I hadn't even set off yet, all I had done was got ready and said my goodbyes as I always do, just in case the run does kill me.

I walked down the hill like before and stopped at the bridge to stretch. This time I gave my Achilles a real good stretching and as I set off running I could feel them. They weren't impressed and were telling me about it too, they hurt but I just kept going and said tough we're running deal with it, cos I often talk to my body part as if they were real people.

So I was off and running in my NEW SHOES, I don't know if I mentioned it. They were ever so comfy and before I knew it I had done the 1st km in 5.02 mins and I was well on my way to the bridge. Unsurprisingly the bridge was still down but this time I was ready and hopped under the first barrier, but on looking up I couldn't see the second. It was still there but someone had moved it back about 20 metres round the corner. Which made me wonder whether the house near the bridge didn't like the sight of it or the banking of the bridge was unstable as well? Either way I was flying in my NEW SHOES I don't know if I mentioned that. I was past 2km and well on my way to 3km when I hit the main road again where I stopped and walked last time. This time I was determined not to stop and with a cooling wind in my face I carried on and hit 3km. Still going I reach the sign to Caunes just as my app screamed 4km in my ears. I hit the top of the hill and the top of the town and a car needed to turn so had to stop. That did it and I walked for about 10-15 seconds for the 1st time this run, but was soon on my way again back down the hill. I passed the bar at speed fully expecting my family to be sat there waving and cheering at me, making me jealous too. But they weren't and I powered through the last 500m to my 5km check point, I had knocked a minute off my last time so was delighted. Even though i had done my 5km I kept going till I was back at the bridge where I started. I did 5.23km in just under 30mins and was chuffed with my efforts and my NEW SHOES if I hadn't mentioned it.

I had a little rest to prepare myself for the climb up the hill to the house, and then as I reached the steps of the house sat down and just called out for water. My wife lovingly obliged by getting me a drink, which I drank very quickly.

I was quickly ushered to the shower as I stank and we were heading back down to the bar and the pizzeria. Uuurrgghh is all I could muster.....

I forgot to take a photo of the down bridge but if I go for 1 more run before we go home I'll try to remember to get one.


  1. Did you get some new shoes Matt ???? Now you need to remember the ice packs at the end of the run as well as lots of stretching beforehand. Brilliant anyway though. J.

  2. Maybe you should get new shoes for every activity, it seems to make you very excited! This is awesome! Think how well you'll be able to do at home, now that you're used to the heat here!!!

  3. you are a brave man for running in that heat, i love that you say goodbye in case you die and i hope the drink you had was a nice refreshing beer :)

    1. The trip down to bar involved a glass of water followed by a grand biere

  4. You didn't say goodbye to your mother so you couldn't!