Sunday, 17 February 2013

Saturday morning run in my new shoes

It had been over a week since my last run and my PB run of 10 miles. It snowed again on our usual run day (Monday) do we didn't get out and then we were pretty busy Tuesday and Wednesday. Rob and I would have normally gone out on Thursday but Rob was working away and for once I could be bothered. We had planned to run and it would have been quite funny to have run together on valentines day and leave our other halves at home. It didn't happen so the next time we had planned for a run was Saturday and the Fun Run 10k route.

Friday came and so did a taste of spring the sun was out and the temperature was almost mild. Clark and I went to pick Dexter up from school and met Sarah-Jane there, and from there we went to Meadowhall to buy me some new running shoes. After a good 20 mins looking at the same 20 pairs of shoes I choose 3 that I liked, all Brooks (who I'd never heard of before). After trying them on I went with the Brooks Ghost GTX as the felt like slippers on my feet. I was now looking forward to the run in the morning even more. When we got back home I wore my new shoes for an hour or 2 to try and break them in a bit and to get my feet used to them and because I'm 12 years old still.

Saturday came and Rob came to pick me up and we drove to Windmill Nursery cafe which is the new start to the Shepley First School Fun Run. This would be the first time Rob would run the 10k route and it would also be his first 10k this year. We started well keeping a low 5 min pace and within no time had passed 3km, this is the first point on the route where i plan to have a water station for the Fun Run. It is also the start of the 1km uphill that drains your energy quite a bit, not too much so you wanna give in but enough so that when it does level out you slow for a minute to get your breath back. It was just round the corner when we hit 5km and my new lovely shoes started to cause me some pain. OH NO. It was slightly rubbing on the arch of my left foot, I could still run on it so carried on but I had to stop 1km later. I tried to adjust my foot in my shoe and tied my laces tighter to see if it helped. I got a couple of hundred metres further on and had to stop again it was too tight, so I loosened my laces again and just had to put up with it. We reached the location of the second water station or at least where it will be in 4 weeks time. It is at the 7.5km mark and also the halfway point of the 5km Route. It was a lovely day and the views around us were fantastic which made the last climb a bit more bearable, at 8km Rob started to tail off a bit and at 8.5km had to stop. Rob had developed a blister on the ball of his right foot and his legs were a bit tired so we walked for a little bit. I didn't mind too much as we had stopped just under the windmills and I think the noise they produce and the scale of them are amazing. We got going again and finished the run in 56 mins which considering we stopped 3 times wasn't bad at all. After a little breather Rob drove me to stables and dropped me off with Sarah-Jane and the boys. It wasn't until I got home that I could assess the damage to my foot and it was a quite impressive blister. It was about an inch wide and about an inch and a half long, it's a good job the shoes come with a 30 day guarantee. I will try and run in them again on Monday to see if it was just because they were new but if it still cause some pain it's back to Meadowhall for them.

It is now 1 week until the Huddersfield 10k , 4 weeks until the Shepley First School Fun Run and 10 weeks till the big one the Yorkshire Warrior.

Keep running everyone.

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