Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Finding time to run is always difficult in winter

As the days get shorter and the temperatures getting lower it is hard to find a good time to go running. Rob and I try to get out Mondays and Thursdays but we don't always manage both days, sometimes it's Monday and sometimes it's Thursday. There is also the odd time when we don't even manage that and it turns into a get out when you can. When the temperature drops it becomes very difficult to drag yourself out. Yesterday was quite cold but the wind was like jumping in an ice bath and back out every time a gust caught me. I was running my usual laps and after 3 laps I was ready for quitting, the wind was a drain on my energy. So it was a pleasant surprise that my 8th km was sub 5 mins and my fastest km of the run. I finished my 11km in under 1hr so I was really happy, but it wasn't long before my legs were knackered.

I not sure when I'll get another run in before the Santa Dash with Dexter on Sunday. I might be running Saturday morning but its not set in stone yet, it depends if there is anyone to look after the boys. Because Sarah wants to go for a ride on her horse FeeBee and I hope to run along with her. We are going to try a route for a 10km run, it might be a plan B route for the Shepley First School Fun Run. We may have to change because of things beyond our means to comply with council and police rules and regulations. If we do have to change, this route we are hoping to test look really good and could mean that organising the Fun Run on the day would be easier. I'll let you all know what's gonna happen when I know and I'll also let you know how the plan B route is if we end up running it on Saturday.

Keep running everyone.

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  1. I can look after the boys. I take JJ swimming at 11.25am but am free before and after and they can come and watch jj whilst you two frolic in the countryside