Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Less than 2 weeks until the 5k/10k Shepley First School Fun Run

It's getting close now to the Fun Run and the legs aren't in the condition that I would prefer. Rob and I went for a run on Monday and it wasn't long before our various niggles started to surface. Rob has a calf injury which causes a pins and needles type pain in his calf, and he can't figure out what is causing it or how to treat it either. I on the other hand have a usual type niggle of slight knee pain, probably caused by bad diet and not warming up properly. Rob managed 2 laps of our usual Monday route and I managed 3 before going home to rest said niggles. The pace we had kept when we were running was actually quite good all km were in the 5 minute bracket. My final km was mostly downhill so I managed a sub 5 time to finish.

The Fun Run is still gathering runners even at this late stage, we now have 36 runners. This is great but we still have a shortage of Marshals, we have about 3/4 so far but could do with a few more. It won't be the end of the world if we don't because we will just have to use signs. Luckily that is the only thing we are struggling with to do with the Fun Run. Everything else is sorted and ready or at least everything on my end is, Shepley Spring are supplying the water and a T-shirt each which I assume is going to be ready.

This week I'm going to have to change my shoes again as the second pair I got recently are still causing blisters. They don't hurt as much as the first pair but still around 6km get painful. It makes me wonder weather I ask for a refund and wait till I go out to France in the summer and get an identical pair to the ones I was running in before. My lovely step mother (Janice) bought me my first pair last summer in France when I was running in just normal trainers. It's only now that they look like the buy of the century as the fit first time never caused me any pain and are still going strong even now 7 months later. Well lets just wait and see what happens on my 3rd trip to the sweatshop.

As always I will keep you informed

Keep running everyone


  1. I couldn't be more proud of my lovely step-son ! Running, getting fit, organising charity events and blogging...all brilliant. And even if you get shoes sorted out here, we'll have another trip to Decathalon in Carcassonne in the summer. Have you thought about going to Decathalon on line ...there are some branches in England aren't there. See you later today Jx

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