Saturday, 9 March 2013

1 week until the Shepley FS Fun Run 10k

This past Thursday I had to make another trip to Meadowhall to the sweatshop. For yet another change of shoes, as they were causing me blisters still. I had given them a bit more of a chance than the first pair and lasted 3 runs before I gave in whereas the first pair lasted 1 and a half runs. So after we dropped Dexter off at school Clark and I set off towards Meadowhall . We arrived at 9.40 and it was only then that I realised the shops don't open till 10am or at least the none coffee and breakfast shops don't. At this time of day Meadowhall is a different place completely, there aren't any shoppers really it's just people going to work and stopping in to get breakfast coffees etc. The only other people are shop staff and cleaners. The only thing I could compare it to is a bus station at 6.30 in a morning, where most people are still asleep and just on auto pilot until they get to work. Luckily Clark is a slow walker and by the time we had walked to the sweatshop at the other end of the shopping centre we only had to wait about 2 minutes until they opened up. Once there I was helped out by a guy who actually seemed to know what I was dealing with and said it was just a size issue and I needed a wider shoe. It just so happened that the shoe that suited me best was a top of the range New Balance shoe. Luckily for my feet I was ok with that and to be fair they did feel wider and the comfiest shoes I've tried on over all 3 visits. I was really pleased with them and couldn't wait to go for a run that evening with Rob. That afternoon I wore my new shoes to go pick Dexter up, to break them in a bit and to show them off too like a school boy showing his mates.

When the time came to go for a run I received a text from Rob apologising as he wouldn't be running as he was helping his girlfriend out with something at her work. So I decided that I would go out and try to run faster than usual as my average pace seems to have slowed and I think my cardio has suffered as a result. I completed 5k in just over 25mins a I was happy with that as I managed to keep up a good pace when running uphill and didn't let the downhills be used to catch my breath. I made sure I kept pushing downhill as I was pushing uphill, which showed me that I was right about my cardio as 5k was about all I could do at that pace. As a 5k it was a good time for me and at the end my feet felt as good as they did when I set off, so fingers crossed these shoes are here to stay.

Clark is willing to do the Fun Run too
Things for the Shepley First School Fun Run are going well still and on Wednesday i recieved an email from James at Shepley Spring (our sponsor) updating us on the Progress of the T-shirts. He also included a computer mock up of the T-Shirts and they look brilliant better than we were expecting. We still keep getting interest in the run to and we are now upto 37 runners with a couple of more still to come. Gathering enough marshals is more difficult than i expected but we have enough to cover the necessary areas and we will just have signs for the rest or the route.
I keep checking the Weather reports and its been a little stressful as it has gone from sunshine and warm to blizzards and -5 tempertures, at the moment its cool and a little cloudy which is fine by me. I would prefer blue skies and warm temperatures but come on its only the middle of March.
Keep running everyone 

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  1. Not long to go now Matt,lets hope the weather warms up a bit...and you dont get any more blisters. x