Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas parkrun and last weekend at work

Over the last couple of weeks my running has all but disappeared to tiredness from working or other plans have taken priority. Other than parkrun last week I hadn't done any training runs and as a result I have put on a couple of pounds ok maybe 6. I not one for worrying about my weight but I was about a pound off losing 2 stone since I started running and keeping fit 18 months ago. That was a couple of weeks ago and I was looking forward to breaking the 2 stone mark but the lack if runs has now put that back a few weeks/months. Then this weekend It was my weekend in so the usual parkrun would be off the table and another run crossed off. However this parkrunday was the Santa parkrun with dress up encouraged, so was gutted I was going to miss it being at work etc. So all week I had been working an extra few minutes here and there so that there was a possibility I could duck out from work for an hour to run with Team Pattison at parkrun. I still had to wait and see how busy work was on the day, so there was no guarantee I could leave until the last minute. 

Luckily at 8.40am on parkrunday I left work jumped in my car and drove to meet up with the rest of my parkrun family, I even arrived with 10 minutes to spare so didn't have to rush into my Santa outfit. As I had to be back at work ASAP I was running on my own so left the rest of Team Pattison at the back of the pack and headed towards the front. After a quick Christmas sing song instead of a run brief instigated by Kerry, we were off. Everyone involved was in great spirits and were very festive in the various roles, and some of the marshalls had Chirstmas songs playing on speakers from their phones as we ran past. I had a great time at parkrun the only thing that sullied it was my time, I only just managed a sub 24 time. I hope it was a result of the flailing Santa suit that acted more like a parachute at times, and the tiredness from working since 6.30, and nothing to do with my fitness and lack of training. I had no time to dwell as I now had to get back to my mums quick shower and change back into my work clothes then drive back to work.
Back at work and I was feeling a bit rough from all the running around I had just done over the last hour. Luckily work was fairly quiet and I hadn't been needed whilst I was out, not sure if that's good or not. I really enjoy my excursion from work I felt like a little boy skipping school or something.

This weekend at work has been my last as from January 3rd I will be leaving AGAIN. SJ goes back to work after her maternity leave on January 6th, and as we have found out the cost of 3 children in child care is stupid. I would quite happily stay on at work and put the kids at various settings but to do that would mean I would be paying £90 to go to work each week. So I will be becoming a stay at home father again, a job I love but  it just doesn't pay enough!!

Why in this day and age can you not afford to go to work!! Whilst it is, with a little scrimping just affordable to stay at home and look after my kids. This is without claiming benefits, not that, that is the answer but we wouldn't qualify to claim if we wanted to anyway. Enough now I'm not one for ranting which means it must be really annoying for me to rant about it.

Anyway back to the festivities I completed my last Sunday at work then headed home to get ready for the Santa's grotto my mum was putting on for the kids and a few other friends and their children too. She has done this for the past couple of years and it has been really good for the kids each time, and this year was no different. It was however Flynns first visit to Santa and he seemed to take it well.

So this weekend has felt really Christmasy and a good start to the holidays. Thank you to Simon, Mark, and Kerry at Huddersfield parkrun and all the volunteers they had this weekend. 

Plus thanks to my mum and Peter for another great Santa's grotto. I now can't wait till Christmas Day and the Christmas Day parkrun with the boys and both buggies, plus all the presents and family time too.

I know I should take my own advice as well when I say this, keep running everyone. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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