Thursday, 18 July 2013

Barnsley parkrun, Huddersfield Carnival and Insanity

This past weekend Huddersfield parkrun was cancelled because the Huddersfield Caribbean carnival was on. So I had to get my parkrun fix elsewhere, and that's how it feels, a fix in a good way. I'm only 6 runs in but the whole routine of getting up and going for a run within the fun and friendly atmosphere of parkrun plus having the rest if the day still is just great. So after debating between Bradford parkrun or Dewsbury parkrun I went with Barnsley at Locke park. Mainly because its our 2nd closest, I had no idea what it was like or what it's average numbers were. So I looked online to find its average attendance and directions to the park so I was all clued up ready for Saturday morning.

On the day the plan was for me to run the 3 laps of the park whilst Sarah-Jane walked round with Dexter and Clark in his buggy for the first time in about a year. Then when I had finished I would catch them up and run with Dexter until he finished his 3 laps. On arriving at the start finish line that plan was scrapped as there is, in Dexters eyes and a little in mine, a great playground. So Dexter decide I could go on my own and he would play in the playground and cheer me on. 

There was a small but close group of runners at Barnsley parkrun, I say small but there was just under 100 and after a few 50 & 100 club presentations we gathered at the start. As I was unfamiliar to the group I had no judgement on where to start from for my average time, unlike at Huddersfield where I knew roughly to start with and exactly with the new penning system. So I placed myself about 2/3 back and when a guy next to me started talking about getting a DNF result today I knew I was in the wrong place but never mind. We were off and after a little shuffling and a slow start I was off at my fast pace. I wanted to keep track of people on the first lap as I had no idea where I had to go, but soon realised that the route had small arrows stencilled on the floor for you to follow. I still kept in touch with the people in front of me but I had no idea what pace I was on as I couldn't hear my Endomondo app. I really tried to keep my pace up and for the first 2 laps I did I even over took a few people. On the second lap I came upon a lady who was encouraging a chap trying to keep him going and for a while it was working but he eventually drop back but she kept going. She start helping the next person she came up to telling them to dig deep and keep it up, and this time it fell on deaf ears. Just at the start of the uphill on the 3 lap I came up behind her and she heard me and saw me coming so start cheering me on and then said something that at the time didn't register. But every time I think about it now or when telling people about my latest parkrun makes me giggle like a school boy. She heard me coming up behind her so to encourage me she said come on you can do me on the hills. Which I did but I did have to dig deep to get to the top of the hills. The uphills at Barnsley are deceptively tough but the long downhill to the finish is a welcomed sight once you've reached the summit. I reached the finish in a pleasing 25.24 and because of the heat and the unfamiliar route I was happy. Locke park was a lovely little park and would definitely do Barnsley parkrun again.

From parkrun it was home for a shower then some lunch and then my mums, for the Huddersfield Carribean carnival. This is an annual event held in the park where Huddersfield parkrun is held and attracts thousands of people to see the parade and enjoy the festivities in the park. There is dancing, fairground rides and stalls selling whistles, food and drink. 

With the weather being as nice as it is the carnival was busier than usual and the park was crammed, there must have been about 15000 people if not more. We left Sarah-Jane and Clark at my mums with Nana (Janice) whilst the rest of us went across to the park and the boys (Dexter and Liam) went on some of the rides.

 They had a great time and by the time we got back to my mums we had to quickly grab some food then we had to get home so Sarah-Jane could get ready to go out to a work friends retirement party. After she had gone I got the boys settled down watching DVD's in their room, after a busy day I knew it wouldn't be long before they were asleep. They managed to keep going until 7.30pm then I found them like this.

On Tuesday I started a new (to me at least) fitness workout called Insanity. I never thought I would follow a fitness workout DVD but I also never thought I would run regularly either. So far I think I've lost about 4 pounds in sweat in just 2 sessions and gained sore legs but I feel great so far just another 58 days to go. I'll keep you up to date on my new fitness scheme as I go.

Keep running everyone

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  1. Great photos of the the one in the car, and then of Clark and Dexter fast asleep. Well done on the running. Jx