Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New route and a new 10k

For the past couple of weeks we (Sarah-Jane and I) have been mainly focused on baby names after discovering that we are having another boy. 
I think we have come to the decision that boy number 3 will be called Flynn Richard ______ Pattison. The 2nd middle name is still under discussion and we are back and forth over 2 names, Bishop and Darwin. 

Also I've been busy turning the cogs in my rusty brain trying to find a job and plan my next event. The job front isn't going to well but the organisational skills I gain from organising these fun runs should hopefully help. 

The St Paul's church in Shepley is in need of money to match a grant they have been given to refurbish their facilities and if they don't raise the money they lose the grant. So I offered to set up a fun run for them to help raise some of the money they need. And so I was straight onto the contacts I gained from doing the Shepley First School Fun Run, and was planning routes out in my head. I came up with a couple, a short one around 6k and a longer 10k one too but I wasn't sure which was best so over the next few days I ran them both. They both followed a similar route but the 10k took a few extra roads in along the way. After completing them both I decided to go with the 10k mainly because it was more of a challenge but I felt a bigger sense of accomplishment after finishing. I still have to sort a few things out with the Shepley cricket club and set a date and time but as far as permission goes the SHEPLEY 10K is born. 
The route has slightly changed from this picture. You get a great sense of scale from it and every time I look at it I can't believe its only 10k it looks huge. I'm very excited about this run and with it being a possible July date should be a very nice day for everyone who will be involved. As the church host a lot of community clubs I.e dance classes, guides etc. I'm very optimistic that we should be able to get the word out quickly and to a wider audience than we did for the school plus I hope we will get a few more volunteers for Marshals too. 

As always I will keep you informed as to my progress and my runs, and keep running everyone.

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